Marc Zaransky grew up in Chicago area, among the successes of his father’s automotive and real estate business’s. Marc received his BA in 1985 from the University of Illinois, and immediately after college, he went to work in the auto industry.

Marc has since owned and operated his family’s business for the past 35 years. It is now the largest independent leasing company in Illinois with operations in all 50 states. The company provides leased vehicles and finance options to large corporate accounts and professionals and specializes in advising and providing handicap buses for the nursing home industry and retirement communities.

Marc was the youngest member to serve on the board for the Brickyard Bank, and he also served on the board of the Jewish National Fund. He is very supportive of the Jewish United Fund and the Hebrew Theological College in Chicago.

Marc currently resides in the Chicago area with his wife Heidi of 25 years and has two older children in their early twenties. In his free time, he enjoys working out, socializing, and reading several books a month.

1. Why did you decide to create your own business?

I have always had the ambition and a passion for being an entrepreneur. My father ran his own auto business that he began in 1955, so I grew up in that world. I started working in the auto industry immediately after college, and I had always wanted my own company. I took a very small business and turned it into the largest independent lease and consulting company in Illinois, with a presence in all 50 states.

2. What do you love most about the industry you are in?

I love interacting with people in the corporate world from all walks of life. I enjoy the interactions and people even more than the products.

3. What keeps you motivated?

We motivate ourselves by providing unparalleled customer service and by growing our business. I enjoy interacting with all of the different people, my clients, and coming up with creative solutions to meet their needs.

4. How do you motivate others?

Through my excitement and passion that I hope they see and feel towards what I do.

5. How has your company grown from its early days to now?

We started with just one customer with a couple of vehicles that we helped manage and became the largest independent leasing company in Illinois with a presence in all 50 states.

6. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from the feedback I receive from my clients. We often get positive feedback, as well as referrals for new customers from clients. It is truly fulfilling.

7. Who has been a role model to you, and why?

I’ve always admired various business leaders that I read about regularly. I’m an avid reader, and in addition to several books, I read around 40 newspaper and magazine subscriptions a month. These leaders have gone through many ups and downs of business, and yet they have persevered and continued to grow their business despite it all.

8. Outside of work, what defines you as a person?

My family and my friends. I’m always spending time with them. I’m someone who enjoys talking and having a lively conversation. I am often defined as someone who is always fair, who admits my mistakes and failures, and owns up to them.

9. Where do you see you and your company in 5 years?

I see myself hopefully still doing the same thing I’m doing now because I enjoy it so much. As for my company, I see it evolving alongside all of these new changes that are happening in the auto industry with electric vehicles and rideshare, and all of the green initiatives and urban mobility.

10. Explain the proudest day of your professional life.

The proudest days of my professional life are seeing my clients who have stuck with us for decades through very rough times and good times. We are lucky to have such loyal clients and customers. Another thing that makes me proud is how my company is associated with several charities that have done many good things within the community. We’ve helped with the March of Dimes, the Jewish National Fund, and various local community food banks.