From a young age, Mark Milliere had one goal in mind: to work in sports media. Exhibiting hard work and dedication every step of the way, he paved his career as an esteemed sports media executive. Based on advice from industry professionals, Mark Milliere enrolled in Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program. He began his career in the 1980s when he joined SportsDesk — a program on the newly formed Sports Network — as an editorial assistant. His work with The Sports Network would span over 32 years and nine advancements to eventually become senior vice-president and general manager.

Throughout his career, Mark Milliere has built a proven track record of leading highly skilled and results-driven teams and established a reputation for recruiting and developing exceptional talent. He is a strategic, innovative, and creative thinker who has built properties and show brands, including the World Junior Hockey Championship, TradeCentre, NHL Free Agent Frenzy, and Jay & Dan. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of media and is a strong operator with skills in budgeting, forecasting, managing revenue and expenses, and finding efficiencies.

Mark Milliere is now applying his experience to M2 Consulting, which works with private companies and not-for-profit organizations on strategic planning, brand development, content creation, and executive and career coaching for individuals and groups. He is passionate about growing value in individuals and organizations.

Mark Milliere is also a philanthropist and is actively involved in the wider community. He sat on the Advisory Committee for the Ryerson Sports Media program and continues to offer his advice and expertise where need be.He was also part of the original committee that launched the George Brown Five to Watch program and is currently on the selection committee. He regularly attends the Georgetown Hockey Heritage Dinner. Last year, the foundation made a donation of $1,000 to the local Special Olympics chapter in his name. Mark was named as the Special Olympics Volunteer of the Year in 2018 in recognition of his leadership and contribution to the Special Olympics and raised over $5 million in revenue for Special Olympics Canada as the chair/co-chair of the Special Olympics Gala. Mark also supports Capitalize for Kids, helping the organization raise funds to tackle children’s mental health services. He is involved in one of their key fundraising events, The Bay Street Games.Mark Milliere resides in Toronto, Ontario.

After so many years with TSN, why did you decide to launch M2 Consulting?

With my experience and relationships that I have leveraged over the years, it made sense. I knew that I could use what I’ve learned to help develop and grow businesses. My company focuses on businesses in the sports tech sector, mostly venture capital funded companies. It’s something new and exciting every day and I am excited to help as many clients as I can.

Why is setting goals imperative for success?

If you’re not setting goals for yourself, you’re not aiming for anything higher. Essentially, you’re just stagnating in my opinion. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with staying where you are, you won’t achieve excessive success that way. Goals give you something to work towards and hope for. If you don’t have goals, you’re comfortable going to work, doing your job, and going home. If you’re setting goals, you are looking to improve overall processes and to increase your projects and contribute to the overall greater purpose of an organization. People that aim to do more than the bare minimum and set higher goals typically achieve more.

How do you achieve goals?

That can depend on a lot of things. Is it a short-term goal or a long-term goal? What is required from you to achieve that? You need to set a plan in place first and foremost. Goals are more than just wanting something and wishing it into existence. By having an overall plan in place, it will help you. For example, in my case, my goal was to work in sports media. I did my research, found industry experts, and enrolled in the best training program for that career at Ryerson University. I achieve my goals through careful planning and execution.

What advice do you have for people that have difficulties being motivated?

I will say that motivation comes and goes. You just have to focus on your goals, because those are long-lasting. Sometimes it helps to write down your goals and actually write out the plan to achieve them because then you can visualize it.

What qualities does it take to be an effective leader?

You need to realize that you are only as good as the sum of your parts. Building strong relationships with your team and empowering them to share ideas is how you grow. Acting as a mentor to others is something that makes me very proud and you can’t be a mentor unless you are working to foster an environment where everyone trusts you and feels safe to share their ideas with everyone else.

Why is it important to be an active member of the community?

It helps to get you out of your own mindset and put yourself into the perspective of others. It also helps you appreciate the differences between people. Not to mention that it leaves you feeling good. If you’re not sure where to start, try something that is near and dear to you. For example, because I came from the Ryerson Sports Media program, it was natural for me to continue to be involved. My work in the community has expanded and they are all causes that I care deeply about, like the Special Olympics and Georgetown Hockey Heritage.

How do you obtain a good work-life balance?

I think it’s all about making work something that you enjoy. If you enjoy what you do, you won’t feel overworked. You will feel fulfilled and satisfied so that stress doesn’t become a factor. I also suggest to just be well-rounded. There is always time to unwind through reading or performing exercise, even if it is just for 30 minutes a day.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to others?

Get up early in the day. It might sound cliché, but seize the day. There is nothing worse than letting a week go by with nothing to show for it. Getting up early in the day and setting out your plan will help you get things done.