Maxim Trubitski is known as being a highly successful e-commerce whizz but since mastering his craft he has become much more than that, he has taken his knowledge and helped thousands of others fulfill their dreams of making a steady income.

1. Thanks for joining us Max! Tell us about your journey?

I have so much to share about my journey, I could write a book! (Well, another one, since I actually published my first one 7 months ago) In a few words- I was used to acting like every other teeenager- wasting my free time on social media, netflix, video games, and so on. However, this wasn’t enough for me, I was never satisfied. This life bored me. realized I needed more- I want success. I couldn’t be like everyone else anymore, I began self-educating myself with philosophy, psychology, literature, and worked towards a 4.0 GPA & 1600 SAT. I used to think the only path towards success was through college. The story goes: work hard in high school graduate valedictorian, attend an Ivy League school, become a doctor or a lawyer, or a hedge fund manager. However, one day it hit me: if I put in the same effort I put into school & education into my own business, I can become successful. And it was a much longer and more twisted path to generating income online, than effort required to get a 100 on a test. I went through three failed businesses and had to take minimum wage jobs to have some type of cashflow I could invest into my businesses. I worked non-stop, giving up my childhood, ignoring my health. I must say- it was all work it when I finally saw my first breakthrough with Ecommerce. After countless courses watched & hundreds of books read, I finally figured out a marketing strategy that allowed me to see a ROI almost every time. I grew and grew my ecommerce businesses and saw my first $200k+ month in revenue in 2018. I optimized and optimized. I met new marketers and experts, made new partners, and worked tirelessly to get to where I am. Now, my company regularly spends almost half a million on advertisements every month! I have some of the world’s top influencers and celebrities promote my products. I can proudly say I have mastered the Ecommerce industry. Today, I have taken my skills and hard work into putting together an incredible coaching product for beginners to launch Ecommerce from scratch. I have spent months recording videos, training coaches, and building systems that generate student success stories like clock work. While my e-commerce stores are on automation, and systems for getting clients results are improving, I’m quietly continuing to work on my software company- which will change the digital world forever! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

2. How do you find motivation when things aren’t going according to plan?

I always put a hundred percent of myself into projects. Methods of trial and error finally led to mastery. Honestly, in my business experience, everything has gone almost exactly according to plan, but that’s because I have spent countless hours optimizing EVERYTHING. I understand that if I optimize every aspect of my business and make it “perfect,” my company will eventually succeed.I’ve learned to never attach emotions to business. It’s like a game of chess, it’s really fun to play- and I just continue on, sharpening my skills. I fortunately never lacked “motivation.” I saw a

quote from a very successful man recently that applies to my mindset. “I knew what I had to do, and did it.” I’ll never get lazy. I’ll never have days where I choose to watch netflix all day and play video games. My dreams are too big to not be at my 100% every single hour of the day.

3. What has been the biggest battle from the beginning until now?

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was concerning my health. I used to work 18 hours non stop, running on three or four hours of sleep. I sacrificed my health and that’s something I regret. I was too obsessed with my goals. I ruined my eyesight, skin, body, and I’m still paying for those mistakes today! I’ve only recently shifted my lifestyle to make sure I’m at my peak in intelligence and creativity during every second that I work, instead of grinding more hours but with a foggy and tired brain.

4. If you could change anything, would you and why?

I wouldn’t change anything because I’m really proud of the results I was able to achieve before even graduating highschool. Not every successful entrepreneur gets to say they became a millionaire at 18 years old. I had incredible experiences throughout my last couple of years- getting to visit all ends of the world with my friends and family- while staying in the most beautiful airbnbs and hotels- motivating my students and followers that anything is possible! I just followed the money and stayed consistent with my strategies, and really honed in on 1 business model instead of having the shiny object syndrome and continuously trying something new. I chose the most scalable business model in the world- selling products online (there are trillions and trillions of dollars of products sold online) and I wouldn’t spend the last few years mastering any other business model.

5. How does it feel walking away after teaching others how to improve and build a successful career?

It’s an INCREDIBLE feeling. I’m honestly so surprised and shocked at how hard working and creative my students are. It’s a great feeling to know that I gave them a shortcut based on my experience and success- saving them years of trial and error. Countless young students don’t have to wait years and years for promotions, or college graduation. I’m very proud that I taught them to make sure their income only depends on their ability to create systems and optimize them- not on a boss! Over the last couple of years, I had a passion for coaching aspiring entrepreneurs. I’ve applied all the same tactics that led to my success in Ecommerce towards creating an amazing product that anyone could use- not only to change their lifestyle and mindset, but also their financial situation.

6. Have you been able to keep yourself busy during this workout period?

During the lockdown period I worked about 8-12 hours a day on my businesses- the usual… I had no distractions/friends inviting me to South Africa, Miami, or London to have fun. I isolated myself and worked on my businesses and health. Scaling them past any revenue ceilings I saw in the past. In my businesses, there’s always a to-do list of optimizations, and even if I had 10000 hours in a day, I’d still never finish

everything I could do to improve my businesses. I strive for perfection, and although I know I can never fully get there, it’s still a goal I plan on chasing. So yes, I’ve been more than busy during lockdown.

7. What is one piece of advice you can give our readers about success?

Learn! I’ve watched hundreds of courses in the last couple of years- and I’m not over exaggerating. Every single course I watched helped my business- gave me something to implement, something to split test, something to improve. Knowledge is the key to success. If you can implement correctly the strategies a successful entrepreneur teaches, you will succeed.

8. Please list your social media accounts so our readers can connect with you

My instagram is @Max.Trub. That’s where I’m most engaging with my followers-sharing everything I can about online business! I also have a Youtube channel: Maxim Trubitski & I post business tutorials as much as I can there!


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