I recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Nsenzi Salasini. Nsenzi has quickly built a powerful online marketing and customer acquisition brand with a loyal customer base, following, and the audience who credits a lot of their entrepreneurial growth to him.

But like most people in today’s day and age, Nsenzi’s story began the traditional route.

He went to school, graduated from college, and got a job in the corporate world. It wasn’t until he started his new entrepreneurship journey that he discovered the true power of the internet.

Nsenzi explains, “We’re living in such a pivotal time. With the power of the internet you have the ability to give value and get your message out to millions of people across the world. All from your laptop or cell phone.”

Now through the power of the internet , Nsenzi is teaching emerging entrepreneurs and business owners the necessary skills to promote, monetize and build their business online.

Nsenzi: “There is a very common framework behind every successful business and brand. If you can follow the blueprint online you can start seeing results fairly quickly.”

When asked about the steps and key points an emerging entrepreneur should take to find success online, Nsenzi gave 3 key steps:

Identify your audience and the problem you will help them solve

”If you try to serve everyone, you’ll end up serving no one. In order to build an audience, an email list, or a loyal customer base, you must solve a specific problem for them.” Nsenzi says.

No matter what industry you are in, select the group of people you want to serve and help them solve a certain problem. 

What problem are you going to help people solve? Are you going to help them increase their finances? Improve their health? Better their relationships or happiness? 

For example, Nsenzi’s uses his social media to share free actionable business and marketing tips and training with his audience of most aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers. 

Always lead with value 

Most people these days launch a business and the first thing they do is ask people to buy from them without any prior touch points. Nsenzi says that’s not an effective approach. 

“People only buy from people they trust. You must offer something of value to your audience first to build the relationship and trust before you can ask them to purchase from you. It’s the law of reciprocity.” Nsenzi says.

This can be done in many ways but doing something as simple as this will set you apart from others in your industry.

Have a strategy to find, attract and convert customers

Once you have the above steps in place, you will need a strategy to attract more people to your offering. There are many ways to attract customers online but most people still hit a roadblock at this point.

Nsenzi explains, “Most people believe they need a large online presence, a fancy website, or a large email list to find success online and it stops them from achieving their potential. It’s sad because it’s simply not true. As long as you have the solution to someone’s problem, all you need is the right strategy to get their attention on your offer.” 

This is where Nsenzi excels. 

So, what’s his go-to approach?

Through his approach, he’s not only built his business but he’s taught many of his clients and listeners to do the same. 

As we finish up, the one thing Nsenzi preaches to all new entrepreneurs is, “No matter what industry you are in, always lead with value and the money will follow”

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