London Summers and Ryan Pownall are the founders of Social Giveaways. Social Giveaways is a Social Media Growth Company.  They manage global celebrity marketing campaigns which offer exclusive opportunities to influencers and brands to gain worldwide exposure with organic growth.

In the eyes of the business partners, competition doesn’t exist. They suggest that every marketing company is different in what services they provide, and with  Social Giveaways being no different from that rule, they have no competition. Always looking towards expanding to new services, setting up the infrastructure, and expanding upon them is the agency’s secret to continuously scaling.

Obtaining clients can be difficult when you explain there’s no direct ROI when they are spending marketing dollars, but the partners avoid this issue by using themselves as a prime example of what Social Giveaways can do for them. Both London(@londonsummers on Instagram) and Ryan (@itsryanpownall on Instagram) individually boast successful personal brands that include a large social following, consistent press across media outlets, and many other forms of an online presence.

Social Giveaways  is on track to win awards throughout the next few years of fastest growing agencies and best personal branding agencies. Their focus is on the main aspects of an online personal brand which is great content and articles. Ryan told us several times that any person who is going to be in business for the next 5+ years has to start establishing an elite social media presence, because it is becoming the basis of culture and is where all the attention currently is and will continue to exponentially grow.

The goal with the agency is to help brands grow their digital footprint. Creating and building relationships have always been the priority, and the network will only grow moving towards the future.

How do you stay connected to your customers during this time of isolation given that you cannot just walk into your client’s offices and grab a cup of coffee?

We built our company during the initial Covid-19 pandemic so we took the proactive approach to make our entire customer experience digital.   Most of our customers we connect with through our social channels like Instagram.

What keeps you motivated during this time of quarantine?

One of the biggest motivations for working currently is that we actually have the opportunity to work. With millions of people losing their jobs its really a privilege to be able to work.  Resilience plays a direct part in your mindset. Luke suggests that the average person doesn’t have a high level of resilience because they never went through problems or dynamics where the skill was trained and developed. This is why the average person shuts down when the going gets tough or not in their favour.

How difficult has managing a work-life balance been in this circumstance?

For us, its been all work. We really feel this is an opportunity to focus and really build. With everything going on we truly believe this is the best time to for businesses to have a digital strategy and we want to be there to help guide them through that process.

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome working remotely?

The face to face connection is major thing.  There is something you can’t replicate when it comes to energy meeting someone. As much as I love the digital experience, there is nothing that can beat connecting with someone in person

Who are some of your notable clients?

We had the pleasure of working with Dan Bilzerian and all hills brands including ignite. One of our favorite brands we worked with is Flow Water which just received investments from Post Malone and Shawn Mendas.


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