Victor Smushkevich is the chief executive and founder of SmartStreetMedia, the prizewinning full-service digital agency. With a lasting desire for digital innovations, Victor has worked in digital promoting for over twelve years, and established a notable knowledge during this time. A radical expert always prepared to undertake a new challenge; he is skilled at everything from digital promotion to lead generation.

Handling over $30m in online advertising, through his determinations, clients have been able to make over than $100m in surplus income. Since establishment of SmartStreetMedia in 2013, Victor has aided in motivating the company towards better and greater triumphs, with a task to help clients grow stronger companies and achieve their own ambitious goals. He has built a strong team around him, who are up to the duty of synchronizing with the fast-step at the company.

Amongst Victor’s many achievements, he has secured more than a million phone calls for top clients in their respective businesses including Acorns, WeWork, Mr. Rooter, eLocal and Writey Board and also helping Acorns in getting more than 600,000 mobile downloads and running crucial AdWords campaigns. With great strategies for the future, Victor is an advertising business front-runner on the rise.

Why did you decide to create your own business?

I started my first company so I can help thousands of clients excel in their respective industries, and continue to push the limits of what is possible for a digital agency.

With a keen eye to new developments in the promotion business, the team is comprised of experts who are well-versed in assisting clients in a wide variety of vital ways.

What do you love most about the industry you are in?

I love Innovation. I meet the brightest minds who want to better the world with their ideas and why they can do it. I love listening to all this eagerness and always inspire them they should never lose this passion. I capitalize in this company as my way to support, mentor and share the ideas.

What does a typical day consist of for you?

Typical day involves of meeting one or two new establishments who pitch me their ideas and companies for promotion. Then I use the rest of day concentrating on my team to get things done. My main objective is how I could help companies add presence value to their projects.

What keeps you driven?

Every day is new, and each day is fresh with new ideas. At the end of each day, it always feels like I made a modification.

How do you motivate others?

By supporting their dreams through promoting their businesses and being very honest. Never contempt and if their idea or dreams is too thin, I try to magnify their mind by probing selected questions. Or if they are trying to boil the ocean with their concept, I focus on dropping the temperature so they can focus on one thing at a time. My goal is to focus the pacesetter for total achievement.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from all the successful entrepreneurs I work with every day. Sometimes, I am totally blown away with the raw genius of the entrepreneur on how he tackled the problem and how he is modeling the outcome.

What suggestions do you have for someone starting in your business?

Remember that although you have more experience and success, don’t contest with your client. You are only a passenger on his drive of success. So, try to add as much importance as you can.

What traits do you possess that makes a successful entrepreneur?

Some see me as a motivational perfectionist in the work I do, and I raise the bar very high for all my team mates because I believe that I am only as good as my last job I performed. I believe that this helps me with being a leader because I know that the most important job for a leader is to be a role model for others.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment within my career is working with big brands like Acorns, WeWork, Mr. Rooter, eLocal and Writey Board. My company is also an award winning digital agency.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?

Treat others as you would want to be treated, and always pay attention to what is important to your client. When you rely on referrals for all of your business, it is important that you make sure that each client has an exceptional experience during their time with you.