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Signs indicate we are coming out on the other side of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It has been over a year since the world as we knew it changed forever.

So many of us felt like we lost control over our lives and livelihood. Many suffer from a sense of never being in control again.

I want to share a dozen ways you can choose to positively impact your life moving forward. The fact you get to choose in each of these areas is proof you have more control than you think!

Each of these choices, acted upon individually will benefit you and your future. The more of these choices you incorporate into your daily activities, the more success and happiness you will experience. The more conscious choices you make, the more you will feel in control.

You get to choose…

  1. How you speak to yourself. You have more conversations with yourself than anyone else. It’s important you realize these conversations. Whether you are telling yourself you can do something or that you’ll never be able to do it, makes a huge difference in your level of success. Begin to choose the conversation of “Yes! I can do it.” “Yes! I am successful.”
  2. What you eat. You only get one body. It is designed to last a lifetime. You can choose whether to nourish it with food necessary for life, health, and growth; or choose to clog it with sugar and processed foods that will stymie and shorten your lifespan. It is a choice.  
  3. What you read. Most people never read another book after finishing school. Imagine the advantage you will have over others if you decide to read books! It’s been said if you read 50 books on any subject, you’ll be considered an expert. Choose to read and choose wisely.
  4. Your outlook. It’s your choice on how you see the world. With all that has gone on over the last year, and throughout history, there are still people (including me!) that choose to see the world as a good place. We see people as honest and hard-working. We see others as the exception not the rule. You get to choose your view of the world. It is a choice.
  5. Your faith. You get to choose what faith means to you. You get to choose whether you have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. You get to choose whether you believe things will get better. You can also choose to mistrust. You have control of choosing.
  6. Your focus. This is probably the hardest choice. Deciding what to focus on takes effort. Your ability to focus is a skill. In today’s world, where there is competition for your focus, advertising comes at you. Politicians and social media try to distract you and sway your opinion. Only you can choose what you will focus on, or if you will focus.
  7. Your treatment of others. You get to choose whether you will treat others with kindness and empathy. You can choose whether you will use tough circumstances as an excuse to be unkind. In the end, it will be how you chose to treat others that you will be remembered.
  8. Your honesty. You get to choose truthfulness. You get to choose whether people find you trustworthy. You choose your integrity. You choose your wholeness regardless of your circumstances.
  9. Your sleep routine. You get to chose whether you are positioned for making better choices. Sleep deprivation hinders good choices. You get to choose whether you make sleep a priority. You choose whether you will get the required sleep for good health.
  10. When you try again. We all fail. We all get knocked down by life. You get to choose when you will get back up and try again. Staying down, wallowing in self-pity, is a choice. Choose to learn and grow. Choose to get right back up. Choose to take back control of your life.
  11. Who you follow. You get to choose who you listen to; who you watch; who you look up to. Your role models count. The people you hang out with and receive advice from make a bigger difference in your life than your college education. If you don’t like the way you look at the world; if you don’t like the way you act; or the thoughts, you think; pay close attention to those around you. They influence you more than you know. Choose to be the gatekeeper of your mind. Pay close attention to what information you allow in and who is giving it to you.
  12. Your mindset. You get to choose whether you think you can develop and strengthen your skills through hard work and commitment. You can also choose to believe that your abilities are fixed and unchangeable. Your choice determines whether you put forth effort to improve your position in life or whether you choose to settle where you are and accept what you have.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“Being able to choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances is the ultimate freedom.”  – Victor Frankl

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