Not having an outlet (as an artistic expressive, creative voice) other than on social media basis platforms is the extended equivalent of modern careers’ great proven resignation. 

Nine months almost to the day, home has acted as a permanently empty desk filled with potential work, only then to get unnoticed. Never would I have thought that the idea of considered being lonesome could ring true any further. 

My word is as greatly focused into specific intent, like a camera’s lens looking to feature the importance of a special offered subject. Two blogs can only take myself so far. 

Daily piles of ‘The New York Times’ convincingly hoard themselves on the kitchen and the gen air tables, in addition to the naturally combined living and dining rooms. Storied narratives splatter, spread out for notes of worthy observance.

The non existence of a name yearning for a coveted spot in online and print editions, pings with heartache. A visionary message clings to hope (not for reigning validation, rather, the simple opportunity to pass ‘go’ on a 1990’s childhood toy ‘Monopoly’ board). 

‘Collecting two hundred dollars’ parallels an analogy of companies boldly recruiting employees post the covid era. Plentiful positions activate, in thanks to job boards. Explorative standards increase healthy application competition. 

If cultural acceptance began in a new era, LinkedIn is a company to change the game whilst flipping the script, contacting job seekers at a consistent pace. Prior, painful experience has led me to be ignored (no explanation given). 

Continuous frustration deepens unforgivable presentation. This results in a personal vulnerability, not otherwise shown due to a lack of empathy. An individual’s mental health status and journey is not a designated excuse in a virtually conceivable space. 

Positively influencing those with a want mentality should be handsomely rewarded instead of the habit occurrence of once unspoken, clarified communication. Interest sparks a flame, an action driven needed course. A thirty something millennial paves the way.