Celebrating birthday feels good and a get together occasion with family. But always cutting a cake and making fancy preparations for birthday seems boring and a time consuming thing from which nothing creative comes out. It is my nephew 15th birthday. From just a little tiny cub he has turned 15 years old boy in such little time which relatively looks little. Because when you are happy you don’t know how time is passing, how everything passing around you.

When my nephew was born we were all happy and perhaps very much happy because there is only this single boy was born into our family because in our family there are only girls. Every relative, near and far has only girl child. In two generation there is no boy. It is a shortage in our family of boys. So we really wanted a boy in our family and it is hard labor of my brother and his wife and our prayers that a boy was born to our family.

And for that reason he is a sweet child of everyone. He is adored and loved by everyone and sometimes he says to me that he would want to go out from here because in our family love for him is like honey and for him it is overflowing.

As I said above his birthday is today. But we are not going to cut a cake and throwing a party. We thought about it that how we wanted to celebrate his birthday, he also thought because he is also bored of every time party. With all thoughts and thinking we reached to a conclusion that we are going to celebrate his birthday by distributing covid-19 protection masks to underprivileged people and making them vaccinated.

That is how we thought we are going to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. The reason for this all understand. My nephew is also ready for this. Even his school is also going to support it by volunteering itself.

We have planned everything out how we are going to do it. It is extremely a good idea and I think we need such more people to do it. Even though we all know vaccination drive is running in India but there is shortage of vaccination. Hence our vaccination thing for people is totally paid. The money we would spend on the birthday party we use for this vaccination thing.

Because some people can’t afford the vaccination cost and they really need it. Hence it is a help for nation and for them also but at spiritual level it is unexplained happiness for me, my nephew and for our whole family who is with us for this generous work.

We did this small vaccination drive with the help from an NGO. It went all good and fine without any hurdles. After it we all returned home. We were all tired and really needed sleep. But before going to sleep we really cut a cake for our nephew and did a small celebration rather than throwing a huge and grand party.

My nephew came with this amazing idea. At such age he is so mature. It is a good indication. For his such level of understanding and work we whole family sang a song for him and said some nice heart lines for him. Everyone said different. I took it from birthday wishes for nephew which is a cool collection of birthday wishes and messages. Because I’m not a good writer or word coiner who can make words and phrases quickly. Hence this is a good source for it.