We’ve all seen a friend mishandle their iPhone. They put it on the edge of a table or in their bra or they just accidentally drop their iPhone…

Whatever it is, they hold their breath as they pick up their phone, turn the screen over, and they realize their phone screen has been shattered. The phone still operates… but the screen is tarnished.  

A plethora of curse words fills your head as you try to figure out how you will pay for a new screen. You decide to just pull the trigger, call an on-demand phone repair business, repair it and call it a loss…

With this new screen, you want to take every precaution from this happening ever again.

We get it, accidents happen. Sometimes you have to just own up your mistakes and take every safeguard to protect it from happening again in the future. 

Don’t worry, here are some tips to protect your iPhone screen from cracking!

1. Put it In a Durable Case

iPhones are great premium products, however, as we mentioned before, the repairs on a screen can be pricey. Pricey is upwards of a hundred to a couple hundred dollars depending on what model iPhone you have!

We recommend spending the extra money to get an expensive case to protect your iPhone from all the unplanned and sudden accidents.

Here is an article from Digital Trends comparing all the different protective screen cases.

iPhone cases definitely add an extra bulk/thickness and are not very aesthetically pleasing. However, nearly any case is better than no case.  We recommend you choose one with a raised front lip. A raised front lip will better shield the screen against face-down drops.

2. Buy a Screen Protector

It is simple. Two layers of glass are better than one. Screen protectors add an extra layer In the event of an unfortunate drop. The added screen protector will absorb most of the impact and it will crack before the actual screen does.

Screen protectors are fairly affordable. If you do the math, investing >$10 for a screen protector to protect a potential couple hundred dollar screen sounds like a good investment.

Do yourself a favor and buy a screen protector to protect your phone screen. This coupled with a phone case can help minimize damage on your screen.

3. Buy Apple Care

This tip may not protect your case…but it is great insurance for if the worse comes to worst.  

Apple does charge a hefty fee for iPhone screen protection but it offers two years of protection. The protection includes up to two “accidents” of any kind of incidental damage. You do, however, have to pay an approximate extra $29 for screen repair, similar to a deductible.

Apple care or any other insurance plan is likely going to end up costing you less than a couple hundred dollar screen repair…especially if you accidentally break the screen twice in two years. (believe me…It happens).

Take Preventive Measures!

There you go. Some preventive measures to protect your iPhone screen from cracking and ways to minimize expenses if you do crack your screen. Take these preventive measures and use caution when handling your iPhone!