The pounding rain is echoing outside my window, pulsing in resonance with the majestic womb of this earth we call home. I know she is readying herself, readying us, to enter into this new world of both light and abyss.2020 was only the beginning of this monumental transition, this paradigm shift towards a selfless humanity. Yes, I said selfless. I noticed this week after that full moon, people were scattered. Major life events were triggered with almost every client I spoke with. The “need to know” was so heightened and coupled with an extreme anxiety about the future. What I kept hearing underneath the chatter was the need to know how long the suffering and struggle would continue. How long identities would stay intact. How long the emptiness would last. That need to know perpetuating more suffering and struggle. The nakedness of reality so daunting that we compartmentalize only to survive, leaving little room for acceptance of what surrounds us at present. That need to know protecting us from communion with one another, communion with suffering as part of life’s path. Suffering and struggle as a gateway to selflessness if we only took a moment to breathe through it. You experience the emptiness as a hollow vessel of uncertainty. I say it is filled with possibility, making us less susceptible to illusion, more susceptible to love. Our footprints upon this majestic womb are changing. Our footprints beyond this world already have. We haven’t noticed them yet as the opportunity to stay in the present has been so painful for many.
I am here with you. You are here with me. A heartbeat away from acceptance. I will hold your hand until we arrive together.