I’m writing this right now from Westlake Medical Center, where my dad’s currently confined for possibly complications due to chronic kidney disease. If you’re thinking the word “dialysis” right now, you’re not mistaken. My dad is also a dialysis patient, because of the same disease; he’s actually scheduled for one today.As a matter of fact, this is already his third confinement in almost a month; he’s 72 years old. He’s been here for one week now.

This all started in late June 2014, when suddenly, he found himself so weak that he couldn’t stand up on his own. We rushed him to this very same hospital, then after some tests done, his doctor diagnosed him as having chronic kidney disease. Stage 5. It meant only one thing: DIALYSIS IS MANDATORY. What did his doctor cited as the cause? Too much anti-arthritic drug intake.

(Originally published at my official blog Mar. 16, 2015. To read the full article, click here.)