Let’s use it wisely, joyfully and for our highest good! 

What would you do, if you had a magic wand? 

Well the truth is, all of us have something very similar to the power and effectiveness of a magic wand. A certain something, which, when used properly, enables us to have and enjoy the life we truly want.

It is unfortunate that despite all the advancements in medicine, technology and improvement of our overall standard of living, we still have a very limited understanding and very little thorough education when it comes to knowing and really using our subconscious mind. 
I am convinced that we all have this magic wand, even if we are not aware of it. I consciously choose to learn, develop, unlock and apply specific tools and techniques to unleash that creative power in my reality.

It may take more than just swiping the wand, but this journey to the great depths and unexplored, untapped greatness within me excites me. I am willing to learn, to let go, and to DECIDE/CHOOSE my truths anew.

I must say that after the years and years of searching, reading, exploring and asking questions, I have come across a simple tool that is the best assistant on my journey to self-discovery and unleashing my potential, and living a fulfilling life <3