Suresh Mansharamani

A mentor is someone who helps you grow your skills, make better decisions, and gain new perspectives on your life and career. As a mentee, your mentor will leverage their experience to give you guidance on your career or life now and in the future.  Rather than learning through trial and error, a mentor is a person you can look to for direction and a role model to imitate.

There’s probably been countless moments in your life where you’ve leaned on someone you trust for advice or assistance. Whether the person you turn to is a professor, friend, family member, athletic coach or other, the importance of mentors is undeniable. These people can help to guide, direct, and shape your present situation and future opportunities for the better.

Mr Suresh Mansharamani is the mentor of millions of entrepreneurs! He is an overall package in himself  – a Business Coach, OKR Coach, Presidential Awardee,  Investor, Founder of Tajurba, TEDx Speaker, and author of: ‘Specific Measurable Results: Objective Key Results’;  ‘Own the Stage’; ‘Closing Your Sales’; ‘Super Power Networker’ and many other titles.

India is a global platform for various diversified businesses and startups to flourish. With this, the demand for trainers for such businesses also increases, to strategize their moves and make each of such businesses boom in the market.

He says,  it’s important to find a mentor who is willing and able to take you on. A good mentor is someone who will support and encourage you to reach for higher goals, to take the next step and to push yourself in to succeed in business. The perfect mentor is one who is experienced in an area where you need a little bit of extra help because you may lack the knowledge or experience.

Working with a mentor is life-changing because it helps you understand who you are and what you want to become. While mentors are not therapists, they help promote feelings of awareness and discovery that only come through conscious effort. Once you’ve experienced life with a mentor, you may want to share your experiences with others too, which helps you become a better leader yourself and provides you with a new perspective on life said Mr Suresh Mansharamani.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” They are there no matter what and offer moral support sprinkled heavily with cheerleading. A good mentor will help you stay accountable to your goals, they will help you pay attention and stay on track. When you get frustrated and want to give up they will push you harder and keep you going. A mentor can be invaluable to ask you the hard questions and challenge you to come up with the answers he concluded.