Hustling around the holidays is pretty much like our everyday hustle, only there is even more expected from us. I am sure some of us could use some more hours in the day, more sleep at night and a little more eggnog.As many of you know, deciding to “have it all” as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, (the list goes on)…and chasing the dream of entrepreneurship is not an easy task! Sleepless nights, unpredictable daily chaos and self-doubt can weigh us down especially during the holidays with added responsibilities. 

So how do we do it? With planning, taking care of ourselves, delegating and staying positive, a lot can get done, especially at this time of the year. Here are my top mompreneur moves that help me stay sane and focused:

  1. VISUALIZE + PLAN I visualize how the next day is going to be in my head and then planning and preparing for anything that I can do to set myself up for success! I have a master calendar where I keep my to-do list, use voice to text memos and my bestie, Alexa, for daily household operation reminders.
  2. EXERCISE + BREATHE – Take time for yourself.  Every day, I carve out time to exercise and clear my mind. I try to remember to breathe and take moments to quiet my mind from all of the noise.
  3. DELEGATE – As a busy mom boss I like to get my kids involved in my business by putting them in charge of special kid-friendly duties. Last month, my middle child, Sloane helped me stuff envelopes for a tradeshow. She felt important to have the responsibility and I learned quickly that my mini-me may be on her way to entrepreneurship too. Bonus! I felt zero mom-guilt and didn’t have to pay someone else to do it.  
  4. CELEBRATE – Acknowledge the wins. When I first started Vivi G’z in 2016, I had set benchmarks for myself to gauge progress but I was not acknowledging the small wins. Those small achievements have become so important to my day-to-day business operations and have led me to where I am today.
  5. LET IT GO – You can’t do it all 24/7! If the kids do not get a home cooked meal 7 days a week, it’s okay. If you cannot dedicate the time to do make the Christmas cookies this year because you have to focus on your business, it’s okay. Ask for help and simplify!

This holiday season, be kind to yourself and know that prioritizing what is important to you, your family and your business are paramount. Your kids will always look up to you and be inspired by your passion, resilience, and determination. Remember that everyday challenges are merely a stepping stone and a lesson needed for your growth.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Allison Turnear-Childs

Mom-of-three and CEO of Vivi G’z