Here is a list of unique and lovely gifts that will ignite all of mom’s senses this upcoming Mother’s Day.  They are gifts with purpose both thoughtful and either environmentally friendly and/or locally made. There is something here for every mom whether she prefers to savor things by taste, sound, touch, smell or sight. 

For the Lover of all Things Taste:

Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream

I have yet to try it, but it looks absolutely ahhhmazing and the reviews about the taste seem to indicate the same! It’s pricey, but it’s vegan and trust me, coming from a baker who has been trying her hand at baking vegan as of late, the ingredients are far more expensive. And hey, it’s for mom!  Do I need to say more?

8 O’Clock Ranch

100 percent humanely raised grassfed meats. Choose a monthly delivery of free-range meats or buy a single delivery. After witnessing the carnage that recently happened to the millions of animals that had to perish because of mass production, this is a way to move forward in a more sustainable way and will allow mom to cook and feel a little better about what she is roasting.  

Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company provides wild caught fish from sustainably managed fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  Their deliveries arrive monthly and can be customized to include salmon or salmon and a variety of other white fish selections.  All moms love fresh and only want to feed the best to their family. 

Misfits Market

Monthly boxes of organic produce that contain slightly blemished, larger or smaller than average pieces or items that weren’t sold because there wasn’t enough produced to fill an order.  Fresh fruit and veggies that are organically grown straight to your door at a discounted price.  Keep mom healthy all year long.  

For the Lover of all Things Smell-


A virtual florist that has cut out the middleman to bring fresh flowers directly to the door of someone you love.  They are Veriflora Certified, which means the farms used have been vetted along a variety of social and ecological metrics. Oh and there customer service is outstanding!  These will make mom smile for sure and they’ll really get her olfactory senses going.  

Henry Rose

Fragrances that are made of pure, non toxic, high quality ingredients. Their website states they are,“The first fine fragrances to be both EWG Verified™ and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold”. Have mom smelling lovely all day long, reminding her how much she is loved.  


Nontoxic candles that are curated seasonally and delivered monthly.  They have lead free wicks and don’t use beeswax. And if you wish to purchase a single candle versus a monthly subscription, they have a shop onsite, where you will find some collaboration candles they have produced.  A great way to get mom practicing the art of  hygge.  

For the Lover of all Things Visual- 

Ian Berry Denim Art

This one is a splurge, but if that’s what your going for, let mom feast her eyes on this artist’s masterpieces that are created entirely of old jeans using a layering technique to create the most visually stunning works is art.  


Dainty charms and jewels made of recycled materials and all diamonds are ethically sourced.  The line is locally made in Brooklyn.  Their love letter charms are just darling.  Mom is certain to adore this precious gift.  

For the Lover or all Things Textural-


Their Butter pajamas are absolute heaven to wear.  I have never experienced a fabric like it before. I haven’t bought another pair of pajama pants since.  I am anxiously awaiting some more color/pattern options. However, if mom doesn’t yet have a pair, invest in a black set for her pronto.  

Boil and Branch

Organic bedding that is not only super soft, but made of organic, non-toxic cotton and produced by individuals being paid a fair living wage.  Clean and fresh new sheets would make any mom smile.  Sweet dreams await.  

For the Lover of all Things Sound-

Joe’s Albums

Second hand vinyl for the coolest mom around.  If your mom has a record player, invest in some albums for her to enjoy during quarantine.  Her ears with be grateful.  


If your mom is always listening to something, than how about a subscription to unlimited books and magazines that can be heard.  Now she can listen while she cooks, cleans, during her workout or while driving.  Moms… multitasking always. 

Calm Radio

Amp moms relaxation game up.  This subscription offers calming music, nature sounds, guided sleep and guided meditation. Restore, rest, repeat.