What is our new role as women and mothers in the world after coronavirus?   We begin now to see life in a different way, learning how to enter into the next stage of the corona.  All comes and has been given to make of us one humanity, through the revealing of our opposition towards it.  We can only advance by learning what needs to be corrected as it has now been revealed, we are a globally integrated society and we will now learn together how to behave as such.  We will continue to be educated by sufferings, just as the child from the parent, until we learn to rise above our ego, together.  Only then will we move above the suffering and walk before the issues, from an experiential place of desire for understanding and integration for all.

Women are the ones assigned to multiply, combine and strengthen the collective, just as in the representation of the family unit where we are to organize and mold with love. When women arrange themselves as connected together with the intention to move the larger world, as scrutinized in the family unit, we can through this reflection, learn to rise above the opposition into connection, each from within their own intentions and together as one cohesive unit.  This role is exalted, important and a decisive position as each woman in their own delicacy can reflect to the men, a choice of integral correction for the world.   It is a time of reintegration into the family unit, the realigning of man and woman.  The problem has always been in the intention of connection, once we are reconnected in the home, from the center of the heart for the good of everyone as a whole not just for ourselves, this intention emanates outwards in our actions, then the whole world can be moved to the side of merit and balance.

Going forth our society is changing, there will not be as many jobs, men and women will both be at home more and jobs will continue to increase online.   Male and female each will need to have a place for strengthening from within, together in the same environment.   May we each choose the roles which then in turn work together with intention to strengthen the whole family unit and then choose to persevere.  Certainly we would then be able to come to peace at home in the world through raising our level of integration and connection to coincide with Nature’s law.  

This is the generation for the woman to emerge as one intention, connected for the global integral world, to give birth to this new child, the one which is love for all humanity.  The desire to fulfill others desires, to a new degree. That we each feel this responsibility to be connected above our ego, our pride, that which has led humanity thus far.  Let us ask the question, “How can we unite in this one thought, this one intention?”  Let the year of 2020 be the one where our vision for all comes into focus.  

We now have been brought by coronavirus to see and feel that we each receive our sustenance from the others, we are entirely connected.  Just as one body provides for all its parts, this is the same we must do for all of humanity.  Our food supply, our necessary materials for existence, our workforce, our hearts are all integrated as one as we feel for the whole world.  All has been revealed as connected and interdependent.  We shall learn together how to advance in this. 

The one who leads all the desires is called heart, one which understands and feels, thus all actions come from the feeling as impressed by all.  All are parts of this heart, each interacting with  the feelings of others and sharing these feelings with each other, via external verbal interactions and through dissemination from internal thoughts and intentions.  

The female part of creation, from which everything comes and is dependent on the development of the heart to share correctly, mold and shape this heart through learning how to nurture and sharing this ongoing nurturing.  We shall take an example from nature to then clothe our desires within the positive patterns which are shown to us, those which are the form of integrality for the one complete body, to reveal one complete heart.  Meaning, we must desire to fulfill others desires every day, as is the true desire of any mother.  Sometimes one feels they cannot complete this task, yet we must know it is already completed, we must just continually choose to remain on the path.

We are being revealed as united to bring this correction to all humanity, searching for the connections over the opposition to them.  Need to understand, it is only in our connection through our hearts, internally, not revolution or externally, but that which is emerging from within each and every one, connecting through the energy which then flows from this connection, just as the coronavirus emerged from the flow of our previous disconnection and which has now awakened us.

Aspiring to connection is only through mutual yielding, concessions, if there is no concession then there is no building and a disconnect or crash ensues, depending on the severity.  The mother of the whole world is all as one who are rewarded with receiving completeness in connection, from within each and together.  The height of which is the desire to receive to bestow.  All that she does is for the nurturing whole world as one child, the forces of the whole world connected to give nutrients to the whole world.  Where both the female and male part exist together for the purpose of connection of the whole.  

Yes, we have much to learn for the picture of this integral society to reveal itself, yet know we are already in the process of birthing this united society, and we must be ready for such a connection, so we have more learning to do.  More trials and errors, so that we may learn how to enter into this one heart together with one voice through which we will attain our true nature, together. Through layers of seemingly dysfunctional, yet necessary births of combined efforts to emerge as the integral nature we have been given.  We shall seek to be as one global woman, first class fighters for the building of one heart, one family unit, choosing to win the battle for the legacy for the one interconnected world.  Together.