Originally a Spanish farm located in the centre of Mallorca, Finca Serena is a converted limestone farmhouse, with scattered private villas around the property, landscaped with lush lemon trees, an abundance of olive groves, fruit orchards and grapevines.

This romantic, adults only resort, is one of the newest additions to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and Mr & Mrs Smith collection, but don’t take this for being ostentatious, on the contrary, Finca Serena has managed to create an easy-going luxury, where the days fly by and your worries feel like a lifetime away.

What sets this estate apart from other luxury resorts dispersed throughout the countryside of Mallorca, is the relaxed vibe and on point designer details.

The interiors are simple and chic with a rustic, earthy palette. The neutral materials such as polished concrete floor and coir rugs works in harmony with black hardware and whitewashed walls, to create a classic, modern look.

If you have always wanted to live inside a copy of Architectural digest, then you’ve come to the right place. The lobby is spacious and comfortable, like it could be your summer house lounge room, and the rooms are spacious, well-designed and comfortable. The king size bed and pillows are unbeatable and the view from your shutters each morning will make you giddy with happiness. The rooms are designed in keeping with the rest of the lobby and restaurant – polish concrete floors, black hardware, coir rugs, neutral materials and colour palette, making it easy on the eye and even easier for a great night sleep.

The outdoor terrace of the restaurant, Jacaranda, named after the gorgeous Jacaranda tree lined driveway, offers panoramic views over the resort’s gorgeous pool and Mallorca countryside beyond.

There is a small vegetable garden close to the kitchen and olive groves as far as the eye can see, so it’s no surprise they make their own delicious olive oil and have a farm to table approach to all meals. For dinner, try their delicious local scallops and artichoke starter followed by a modern version of a white fish paella. It’s delicious and tastes that much better paired with a local, biodynamic crisp white wine. Just when you thought you were full, there’s dessert. Order one of each, even its just a bite, it’s just that good.

You can start your day with a leisurely walk around the resort, which, depending on which track you take, could be between 30-60mins. Or if this is not really your thing, try hit the gym, take a yoga class or a dip in the indoor or outdoor pool for something a little more refreshing.

After working up an appetite, head to the central farmhouse where a buffet of ripe tomatoes, olive oil and fresh baked bread is waiting. The buffet shows off its local Spanish classics, such as sliced prosciutto and cheese, but also includes some healthier trending options including chia pods and gluten-free baked goods. Don’t forget to include something from the a la carte menu – perhaps pancakes, eggs anyway you like or a fresh made juice.

Take your time and order slow, so you can enjoy the magical view on the terrace under the trees with the dappled sunlight. The view, the warmth from the sun, mixed with a magical little breeze, feels like pure bliss.

Once you couldn’t possibly fit another thing in, head to the pool to read that book that you’ve had next to your bed stand for the last 3 months that’s started to collect dust and get settled for a couple of hours.

Feeling restless? How about taking a bike ride through the gorgeous hills of Mallorca or for something a little bit more relaxing, book in for a facial or massage the resort’s spa and all your city-life worries will be a thing of the past. Their Vitamin C facial is one of the best and most relaxing I’ve had in a long time and my post-facial glow lasted for a couple days.

After the treatment, take a quick dip in the indoor pool at the spa, steam room or sauna. They have both indoor and outdoor sun-lounges, so make sure you really squeeze all they have to offer from this incredible spa space.

After a few days here, you’ll be making a mental note to do this more often. Add to the to-do list:

  • Book in Finca Serena for next Summer