Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It is sometimes filled with obstacles and challenges that test a person’s mettle and how they deal with such circumstances. However, there are times when the challenges get the best of people. 

That’s why keeping a positive mindset and surrounding oneself with positivity can go a long way in the uphill battle of life and success. 

Cortlen Delva, professionally known as G-Pak, a recording artist and Producer from Brooklyn Crown Heights, New York City, is one such person who tends to focus on the brighter things in life rather than allow negativity to darken his mindset. In doing so, G-Pak manages to avoid stress. 

“I avoid stress by focusing on the good things that are happening [around me] and not the negatives. And [I’m] always being thankful for what I have no matter what it is,” he said. 

Seeing as how optimism works well on his mindset and battle against stress, G-Pak then surrounds himself with positive people who in turn keep him from being burned out. 

“I avoid burnouts by surrounding myself [with] good people with great energy and keeping myself busy whether creating music or hanging out with my friends and family,” he said.

And should things prove to be hectic for him, G-Pak thinks of new approaches to things to keep him on his feet and from falling into a rut. 

Keeping a Focused Mind

When faced with obstacles, G-Pak is not the type of person to worry about things to a certain extent.  

“I overcome obstacles by not worrying about things that are out of my control and keeping my mind and actions on the goal at hand,” he said. 

By keeping his mind clear of trivialities, G-Pak is able to face obstacles without falter and eventually find solutions that will benefit him in the long run. 

Never Give Up

As he makes his way through life in his chosen profession, G-Pak has learned the importance of perseverance in making his dreams come true. 

“Never give up no matter what. The minute you give up might be the very minute a door was about to open up and change your life for the better,” he said. 

G-Pak started doing music in 2008, thus making him a music engineer and producer. In 2019, he began to take rapping seriously. His music is influenced by various artists such as J-Cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and many more. 
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