This habit is one you’ll want to integrate fully. It’s a practice designed to help you be clear. It’s a practice you may choose to engage as you wake up each morning, to center yourself in times of stress, and to realign your desires to what most serves you and the greater good.

With each of these three breaths, close your eyes and really feel.

Your first breath is to remember to breathe. Remember to be the calm inside the tornado, rather than the chaos of the storm. Any time you’re feeling off, engage this first breath to simply remember to breathe.

Breathing brings you immediately back into the centeredness of choice, rather than the craziness of reaction.

Close your eyes and take this first breath now – the breath to remember to breathe.

The second breath is to remember to smile. Smile as you inhale, and extend your smile throughout your face as you exhale. This smile is to anchor into your facial muscles’ memory your smile of knowingness. Again, this your smile so full of gratitude that gratitude lives now as your truest source of certainty.

Regardless of the situations or circumstances, you can always choose to smile. It is a choice only you can make. Because no matter what it is, all the good or the bad, no matter ecstasy or joy or how much pain or suffering you’re in – this too shall pass. No matter what IT IS – this too shall pass. Because IT always does.

Close your eyes, light your face with your knowingness smile, and breather your second breath – the breath to remember to smile.

The third breath is to remember to feel GRATITUDE. By this point, most of the endorphins have returned you to more presence withinasthru this inevitable moment. Find your own way of deeply feeling gratitude as your certainty. Your choice here is to more fully engage the smile of knowingness by tilting your head as if you’re looking up to BEing to say,

Thank you for bringing me Into this inevitable moment,

Into this time and into this space,

Fully able to respond to this moment’s occurrence.

I accept What IS,

Willingness enough to be change sought,

Gratitude be my certainty.


And so IT IS!

A.S. Kurslf

You don’t need a specific reason to feel grateful, though if you choose to focus on one, that helpful as well. The intention of this breath’s prayers is to feel deep gratitude for what is – being grateful for your breath, grateful for BEing itSelf.

The third breath is instilling the practice of gratitude.

Now, with this third breath, as you’re inhaling, look up, still smiling and really allow yourself to FEEL grateful and breathe your third breath- the breath to feel gratitude. Thank you for bringing me into this inevitable moment,

Into this time and into this space,

This simple practice of breathing – and its one you can use as many times a day as you feel is helpful – works rapidly in terms of shifting the way that you attract life as you imagine it to be, in a way that serves you, serves those who you love and who love you, and serves the greater good.

As a quick review:

  • The first breath is to remember to breathe.
  • The second breath is to remember to smile.
  • The third breath is to remember to look up and feel gratitude for what is, right here, right now in this inevitable moment.

When life gets crazy or things get bent out of shape, remember to just simply breathe, smile, and be grateful for What IS.

This practice serves to remind you that you’re always at choice in the process of creating life as you choose it to be. And it’s a moment-to-moment choice you get to make.