The world is never going to be the same anymore; at least not for another couple of years. Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus is the culprit here as it has put businesses, companies and even normal life around the world into chaos. Even the most powerful nations such as the United States, England, Australia, India, and China are helpless at this point of time.

Economies are down-spiraling at alarming rates as the base for any business to succeed has been locked; that is the employees. It is amusing how businesses are expected to survive if employees can’t come to the office in the first place.

There of course are certain industries such as Information Technology, News Broadcasting and others which enable employees to work from home. But there still are problems.  It can’t be expected that employees will operate effectively on an empty stomach, right? Well, if you can’t go out; how will you then buy the ingredients to prepare food? And, restaurants in all parts of the world have been instructed to not allow in-dining.  Hey! People can’t travel and in-dining is not permitted. Then how do you expect people to get food they like? And how will restaurants get business? And how will employees of these restaurants earn income?

Thankfully, things seem to be getting a little better at least in India and certain other parts of the world. The restrictions are being eased and people are allowed limited-travelling as long as they maintain social distancing.  Yet restaurants can’t accept dining and several offices are still shut. Better alternatives and in fact good solutions for at least this part of the economy would be food delivery applications.  People can order whatever they like from the comfort of their homes and restaurants can deliver these. The core difference between traditional home delivery and ordering through an app is having a complete picture of what is available at the moment.

That is, people can see pictures of the food along with their relevant prices, ingredients and even customer reviews. These apps can be installed on androids and smart phones hence removing the necessity of being seated in front of a system each time you want to place orders. Some of the food delivery apps in India as well as the rest of the world are:

  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
  • UberEats
  • GrubHub
  • And more.

Yet the core problem among all these applications; especially in the times of Coronavirus is that you do not know who is delivering food to you. Several restaurants use the same app while the delivery personnel are most likely hired by the brand-name behind the app. This should be considered along with W.H.O’s announcement that there could be a second outbreak of the Coronavirus. Hence a customer could get infected again as unknown people could deliver the food.

But as mentioned at the beginning of this article, the world will never be the same again. Hence we need to innovate and find alternatives for staying alive.  An alternative regarding food delivery applications is FoodCoup developed by a leading mobile application company named AppCoup.  The concept is that each restaurant or chain of restaurants in a region can have its own food delivery app. The staff members of these restaurants or from the branches closest to where the order was placed can do their delivery. Hence, you know who you are buying food from.

Sounds simple right? This is just one of the innovative measures taken to deal with the aftermath of this lockdown.  Hope everyone comes out this crisis healthy and safe. Until then, have a happy meal.


  • Yasir Sulaiman

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