The look of a successfully resounding, long term careered victory isn’t always pretty, of course, no one said it was nor ever had to be. That’s the harshly spoken, blatant truth of a modernly existent, competitive reality.

Admiration of a resiliently opinionated athlete speaks volumes, beyond the limbs of growth supportive success led training. No matter the finish of a valiantly recyclable medal, justification of personal effort is retained. 

Like an abstract painting’s picturesque canvassed beauty, a leotard’s decorative design highlights developed representative, patterned colorful brush strokes, to the likes of a tie dye piece, patriotic style. From the easily bled red to the particularly angled thin pointed, triangularly shaped navy blue bedazzled illustrations, visible art created a viable champion from its interior, evenly displayed outward.

A richly earth toned, light copper orange brown bronze adds to the equally measurable, hard earned hardware found conveniently captured, restfully nesting and comfortably placed around a mental health advocate newbie’s neck. Not the exactly given weight, but rather, the experientially heavy lifting of another goal accomplished is a prize’s willingly ready open authenticity.

‘Beaming Biles’ should be on an automatically added list of cleverly referenced, respected, relevant nicknames and catchphrases whom comfortably associate with ‘GOAT.’ ‘Becoming’ is another idea (without stealing from Michelle Obama).

Unique refines a deliberately chaptered fork in the road, its pivotal definition is the hopefully mirrored reflection of a beautifully storied, distant journey taken with shared teammates and observant fans. Recognizable media count for a suggestively absent, yet artistically expressive, silently captive audience.

Limited cheerful, rallied celebrations line continuously endless press conferences and three rung elevated podiums post wins, efficiently reacting to history’s impressively beaten, shattered records. Not for the money, the statuesque titles, the fame and/or the included notoriety, rather, the lively, classically televised viral moments turned forever memories.