In his famous quote, Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” How do we deal with failure? Do we give up? Or do we choose to learn from our failures and bounce back?

We can overcome maybe one or two setbacks. But how many setbacks does it take for you to start seeing yourself as a failure? The issue is that we allow defeat to become part of what defines us. Instead of learning from it and forging forth on a different path or building towards our dreams, we choose to nurture that failure mentality and give up.

A resilient mindset calls for you to detach yourself from the failed relationship, bad debts, collapsed business, and other issues that are a thorn in the flesh. Such a mindset rolls with the punches that life throws at it and finds a more constructive way to cope with whatever life throws at you. A resilient mindset understands that things don’t always go as planned, and you may need to adapt to new and different situations.

How To Build A Resilient Mindset 

A resilient mindset is something that you can build upon with time. It starts from the point of awareness as you choose to filter out what is working well in your life versus what’s not working. For instance, COVID-19 has sent all of us on lockdown. Ths business shutdowns have resulted in thousands of job losses. Let’s say you are among the thousands of people who have lost their jobs. You can choose to dwell on the issue of unemployment and its outcomes (e.g.debts, expenses), or you can choose to control what you can and look for alternative ways for earning income. You can even go further and start seeing this time as an opportunity for you to come up with business ideas that will help you towards achieving financial freedom and becoming your boss.

Some people have more disposition to be resilient than others. Still, a resilient mindset is something that you can learn and build. You begin building this mindset by writing down all that you have achieved so far. Take time to meditate on your life and figure out what accomplishments you’ve made. Even if you choose to be hard on yourself and say, ‘I can’t figure out anything good I’ve done.’ The fact that you are alive, healthy, and reading this blog is proof that there is a desire in you to become a better version of yourself. Every day is an opportunity, and a resilient mindset requires you to develop a positive attitude, be kinder to yourself, and begin working towards your goals one day at a time.

We all have challenges to deal with. If you narrow your vision and focus on them, you will likely develop anxiety, worry, and stress. Recently, 48% of Americans admitted that lockdown has resulted in anxiety, worry, and stress. But how does being stressed about an issue solve it? You build a resilient mindset by breaking the issues you are experiencing into smaller chunks or goals. This approach will help you avoid anxiety and will motivate you to work towards solving the problems.

Building resilience means that you are aware that setbacks do occur, and sometimes we fail. But this does not mean that you should give up on yourself or your dreams. You build resilience by changing how you perceive setbacks. You have to see setbacks as problems to be solved and work towards overcoming them.

Developing a resilient mindset requires discipline and commitment. It would help if you committed yourself to achieve your goals and to build the life of your dreams. One way that you can do this effectively is by getting a personal coach.  At 1 Day At A Time with Charisma’s coaching platform, we encourage people to upscale and own their life by helping them develop a resilient mindset.

When you hire a professional coach, he/she can work with you from where you are in life and help you with tools and resources to boost your progress.

When you build a resilient mindset, you will bounce back from setbacks and manage your life better. This mindset will keep your mind, body, and spirit full of hope, positive energy, and inner strength.