The definition of a greatly, wide brimming, beaming smile is the active display beautifully worn across the angelic face of Hoda Kotb, witnessing her uniquely special, celebrated, festive power as an ordained minister, on an early Thursday, late June, summer morning, in the beloved heart of midtown ‘Manhattan.’ The commonly shared view of a fellow fiancée presiding over the service was undeniable, a sign well written straight out of a hopeless romantic comedy script.

What would be a wedding without family and friends happily partaking in the ceremony, rightfully joining alongside them? Not to be outdone, ‘Lennox Hill’ And ‘Long Island Jewish Forest Hill’ hospital coworkers soon filled the seats of a seemingly, endlessly invited, virtual vip guest list, perfectly dedicated and excitedly decadent for the occasion. Sparkly, glamorous, silver balloons provided similar decorated detail.

Beyond luxuriously tall, black, sophisticated gold plated gates located at an undisclosed location believed to be a fancy resort hotel seen on screen, the arrival was just as reminiscent of a private estate, a mansion, or even ‘London’s’ infamous ‘Buckingham Palace,’ providing a dramatic backdrop to a meaningful moment of ‘I Do,’ featuring selflessly heroic, frontline working ‘Covid19’ nurses Herwyn and Vanessa officially welcoming the titles of husband and wife (as well as the newest addition of bride and groom) into their regular, everyday, average, familiar, knowledgeable vocabularies.

Her simplistically modern white gown on and small, tiny, noticeable, matching florals in hand, rings soon then followed with the eventual accompaniment and capture of deserved, momentary cheers and smiles.

Resilience exists in a form of another local, native couple (one, a pre brain surgery candidate) at ‘New York’s,’ ‘Columbia Presbyterian’) marking twenty years of bliss, my aunt and uncle, Rob and Diane.

A former elementary school music teacher now since a successfully turned high school substitute teacher and a single mom of twins, walked down the aisle, further giving herself the ‘meant to be’ treatment, meeting her husband during their younger childhood years. The illustration of ‘the circle of life’ is apparent.