It’s crossed my mind whether some of the current global difficulties might be ascribed to the willingness of much of humanity to hand over it’s sovereign rights to making independent choices for themselves. 

Every day, we are presented with opportunities to make choices about our individual selves …

  • What kind of foods do I want to buy and eat?
  • Do I want to learn new stuff so I can make educated choices/decisions?
  • How much do I want to take care of my own health?
  • How well am I able to support myself in what I do?
  • Do I want to check in with myself?

Or the collective in which we live …

  • What kind of people do we want in positions of power that govern our country?
  • What kinds of infrastructure do we want/need to support the society in which we live?
  • How much do we want to contribute to the collective running of the country in which we live?

Since the industrial revolution, the emphasis in societies has been largely towards growth, with the supporting offshoots of advertising, marketing and sales.  Each of these areas was of course an opportunity in itself, to influence the choices of the buying public.

The effect of this resulting wave of influence was observed as an asset, and many sought to harness it and ‘own’ the power for themselves.

This harnessing morphed over the years into the unruly monsters that became the marketers and advertisers, and of course the media, consistently intent upon duping the needs of the honest consumer.

When it was noticed that consumers were being duped on a grand scale, advertising and marketing was regulated in an attempt to assuage the needs of the consumer, but this didn’t happen for the media. 

The post war era saw an intentional manipulative influence of about 18% in mainstream media, where certain people were deemed to gain by this.  Over the last 60 years though, this percentage of manipulation has grown to around 40%; that’s not including the bias that forms another layer on top of most reporting. One wonders how much truth is actually being reported in mainstream media.

So, bearing the above in mind, let us return to focus on the populace.  We have been nicely conditioned to run the treadmill of life with a ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ outlook; we must be active, doing, doing – something – all of the time, then we will be rewarded. 

What happens when we live this way?  We don’t have time to question of course.  Neither do we have time to go inwards and ask those very rudimentary questions about what is best for us an individual – there’s just not enough time! 

We don’t have time to research; there’s just so much information ‘out there’ that it seems complicated.  It’s too difficult to search and read lots of information, but it’s even more difficult when we have nothing to sense what’s actually true and what’s not.  We could rely upon the intellect, but it’s far easier to trust what someone else says … isn’t it?

This is how the populace arrived at a place where we place the importance of what others say way before we trust what we ourselves perceive, feel or believe.  More importantly, when the populace is driven along at speed, they don’t have time to be discerning about who or what they place their trust in. 

And so we, the collective, have arrived at a place in time where many people are bewildered.  Whilst folks do seem to be waking up from the slumber of passivity, they don’t know how we arrived at such an illogical place where placing ones trust in another is given more credence than listening in to ones own inner voice. 

It’s time now to do joined-up thinking and cultivate a deeper relationship with our inner world, until we have re-learned the ways of feeling, sensing and being that we were all born with, and once more made them both conscious and automatic.

It is time to become aligned with ones self in a conscious way.  Alignment with our very essence is just one way to return to Sovereign navigation of the self.  There are other ways, but that’s for the individual to explore.