We all have a superpower that we often overlook in life. This superpower that we have will empower us to break through walls, run through obstacles and achieve what we might never have dreamed of. What is this superpower? 
It’s our beliefs.

What is a belief?

A belief defines an idea or principle which we judge to be true. Or, assumed truth, in short.

Hence everything is a belief — including this statement.

We create beliefs to anchor our understanding of the world around us and so, once we have formed a belief, we will tend to persevere with that belief.

Let me share a story that illustrates how powerful a belief is.

Four Minute Mile

“Just because they say it’s impossible doesn’t mean you can’t do it.”— Roger Bannister

Before April 1954, the common belief, the universal belief, because it had been tried again again and again people had failed, the belief was that a man was not physically capable to break the 4 minute barrier — that he could not run a mile in less than 4 minutes. When something happens to them, they began to believe that’s the way it is, that’s the way it always has been, and they can’t see the possibility of being any different. Then, everything changed.

Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute barrier at 3 min 59 seconds

Roger Bannister came along, and he broke the 4 minute barrier and clocked in the time of 3:59.4. Even though 4-min mile was unprecedented, he believed immovably that he is capable, and will be the first to run under 4 minutes. It was that power of belief that empowered him to break the 4-min barrier. Since then, up to this day over 20000 people have done it, including high school kids.

20000 people!

What changed? Here’s what changed. A new belief was imposed inside other runners’ brains. When the runners got on the track, they knew it had been done, and because they knew it had been done, there was a new belief about the “unreachable” barrier. Those 20000 people got into the race believing and knowing in their heart that someone has done it and that it’s humanly possible. Therefore, they were able to do it.

Isn’t is amazing how the barrier itself was actually the limiting beliefs imposed onto those runners?

Now that you understand how powerful a belief can be, please be very careful of the beliefs you take in to your mind. Filter out all the “limiting” beliefs and believe you have all the abilities to achieve your goals. Change your beliefs, and you can alter the outcomes in life.

Even after reading this article, I know you will have a lot of buts. 
But, those are gifted people..
But, I am not them…
But, I don’t have this…
But, I dont have that…

Those are simply stories you’re telling yourself. Those are beliefs you impose onto yourself. Start telling yourself a different story, because..

The only limits are the ones that you believe.

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