We in social, spiritual, physical, mental and rest of the states, are real. But as a matter of pure consciousness, I can’t say how spiritual transition takes place. None of us is dispensable and we, sooner or later, have to die out. We may repent over the death of thousands; nonetheless, it’s a harsh reality. So, what happens after death? What happens to that few pounds of flesh and the eternal spirit that leaves the body after playing its part?
The “Introspection” of life must be carried out to get answers from one’s own consciousness. “A higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man” is cosmic consciousness, as explained by Richard Maurice Bucke in his book “Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind”. The basic premise is that consciousness exists, whatever the circumstance, from primal to cosmic and beyond (Bucke). Also, the mind may be a container for the spirit at levels of conscious or subconscious, or objective and subjective, but the subjective always is the more powerful, like the part of the iceberg under the ocean.
Talking more about spiritual consciousness, beyond reading books from the west, what attracts me to spiritualism is Sufism and the Darvesh sect, from the Middle East, including the Mevlevi Order, to name a few. The Mevlevi Order is one of the most well known Sufi orders and has existed for over 700 years. It was founded by the followers of the Persian philosopher Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi in 1273 in Konya. Members are referred to as “whirling dervishes” – due to their practice of whirling in worship to Allah. The best part of their whirling devotion is that if the dervishes succeed in helping spectators get in touch with their spirituality, then the dancer has succeeded in his worship. Their philosophy of love, understanding and tolerance offers a different perspective of Islam.
To give my own answer to the questions posed halfway through this article: Reality and existence continue whatever happens. We do not really die; we just leave this “flesh and blood” part and are in a dimension where only energies exist.