Do you believe in energy?

No, not the energy to heat up homes or the energy to get up and do something–I am talking about “human energy”.

Human energy is like the energy that radiates off of other human beings. For example, maybe one of your close friends just recently went through a divorce and is really depressed or sad –when you are in their presence, you can feel their sadness, correct?

Or when someone you know is happy and upbeat, just being in their presence will make you glimmer with joy!

It starts to influence your own feelings and emotions by just being in their vicinity. This is the energy I am talking about. You might be thinking;

“Uh no duh? Who would surround themselves with negative energy?”

You might be surprised that it is much more common than you think. Think about a guy or girl in a toxic relationship but they continue to stay in it. Maybe it is a friend or family member that constantly brings you down…but you continue to surround yourself around them. I am pretty sure you have some negative people in your life that you keep hanging around. People whos energy does not serve your health or just does not leave you feeling the best all of the time.

It could be a fear of abandonment or a fear of being left all alone. That may be the reason you do not leave their place.

I am here to preach to you to surround yourself with positive energy–even if it means cutting some people out of your life.

For family members, you can take a break from hanging out with them for a short time. If you have some really toxic relationships with friends, leave…today. Accept that you may struggle to build new relationships, you may feel alone for a bit, however, you will make it through the other side. You will make new friends who will bring you up rather than down.

Also, take responsibiltiy for puting yourself out there! How are you going to build new relationships if you are inside or not conversing with people. Even if you believe you are not a social type or you are just not that kind of person, force yourself to tuck your chin in, smile and say hello!

Study some Feng Shui. Feng shui is a supposed pseudoscience that uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. This would include grabbing a book on Feng Shui, talking to an arborist and seeing how you can turn your backyard garden into a harmonized environment.

A Fresh Start

Building new relatoinships and surrounding yourself with positive energy that will make you feel alive all of the time is worth it. Trust me.

Life is too short to hang around with people with negative energy. I dare you to try it out. Cut out some negative people in your life, even if it is only for a week, and see how you feel.