During this season, our hands and feet are normally  cold. But what if you can learn a simple technique to raise your hands temperature and feel relaxed by the way?

Raise your hands temperature can be a part of the set of skills you can acquire through training.

Due to stress, major changes occurs in his body. While heart rate, muscle tension and skin conductance (sweating) increase, temperature decreases as a result of increased sympathetic activity.

Other factors can also affect your body temperature, weather is of course one of them. But did you know that smoking, lack of sleep, some chronic diseases lower your temperature too?

Raising peripheral blood flow and corresponding temperature facilitates a psychological sense of general relaxation, as well as increasing blood flow to any part of the body facilitates tissue regeneration because essential nutrients are delivered and cellular waste products are removed into the bloodstream (1)

With biofeedback instruments, you can get real time feedback about how effective are your mental strategies to get there. Mental imagery and visualization are often complementary strategies to raise your hands temperature.

For instante,

Imagine while training, a day in the beach, or in a cozy environment, holding a hot beverage with your hands. The more you can imagine any of these situations, the more you teach your body to self-regulate. Try to stay there for fifteen to twenty minutes, focusing in the picture while breathing slow and deep.

Biofeedback helps you to get there through showing you how good you are imagine 🙂

Look at the following images that correspond to several of my patients:

In these images, X is the time and Y is the temperature reached and measured through biofeedback device. Temperature is measured in Celsius. 

The image above belongs to person “A” who increases hands temperature one celsius degree.

Images 2 and 3 belongs to person “B” who increases hands temperature eight celsius degree and the second time doubled his temperature in about twenty minutes.

This could be helpful for any person who wants not only to relieve his discomfort about cold hands, but also to improve his general health and performance. Migraines and Raynaud Syndrome can get relief through effective training.

Is not magic.. it is Biofeedback

P.S. If you want to also warm your heart, enjoy the music.


(1) Peper et al. (2008) Biofeedback Mastery. An Experiental teaching and Self-Training Manual