How a simple solution saved my client time!

Hand driers may use electricity and therefore some people may write them off as environmentally unstable, but the truth is that hand dryers reduce waste and installing them can help you save the environment. Not only that, because they make people’s lives easier, would you believe they reduce stress!

This is just one advantage to using hand dryers. What if we were to tell you that we can cover 3 key benefits to using hand dryers?

It really sounds like a crazy subject to debate, but after you have read the benefits you will be surprised! I was after I have a meeting with a client that brought up one of those “Did you know?” conversations.

Did you know hand dryers actually make your life so much easier as a facilities manager? At first, it was not an appealing subject, to be honest, but then everyone was captivated when he said: “no no, hear me out – I am serious – I was shocked too”.

His company has just invested in a set of new Dyson hand dryers about 6 months ago. If you are not sure what I am talking about, check out the Dyson website here:

As a facilities manager, he explained to us just how much easier such a basic and overlooked device such as hand dryer has reduced his team’s workload and helped him free up resources to be allocated to other jobs.

He is now looking into other areas of the business where he had missed or overlooked areas that could help save time, stress, and money.

Here is what he said about hand dryers. Take this as an example of something very simple that can change the way you work. Then look for something in your life that you could have overlooked and see if you can apply a similar concept where the benefits of change may seem small, but overall could have a major impact on your life.

Before or after reading this, you might also want to check out what a “Value Chain” business model is. One of my most frequent go-to sites when it comes to business is here:

  1. Saving Money

That is correct. Whether you install and hand dryer in your home or business property, in the long run, you will save money. OK granted at home we generally use a towel to wipe our hands but imagine asking 100 staff that share the same bathroom facilities at work to use the same hand towel over again. It is not hygienic, and most people would rather not dry their hands.

A lot of businesses solve this issue by installing paper towel dispensers in their office bathrooms. However, despite the fact it does offer a way for employees to dry their hands, it is an expensive alternative in the long run when compared to installing a wall mounted hand drier system.

Firstly, when people spill water on the floor, they will not use the hand towel supply to clean up the mess. Secondly, once the hand dryer is installed, you can wipe off the daily or weekly expense of having to buy more hand towels.

Over a year the costs saved are immense. For a cost, savings calculator check out I was pretty amazed to come across this, but this company has actually gone to the effort of putting a calculator in place that helps people

  1. Facilities Management Team Will Be More Efficient

Another benefit of using hand dryers is procurement. Basically, your facilities teams will be able to eliminate the ordering time, stock taking, storge, refilling of paper towel dispensers, and the overall management of paper towels. It may not seem like a huge deal, but in actual fact, every little bit of time that can be saved in any area of your business helps the company become more efficient in other areas.

If you take into account the time spent on managing paper towels form the above list, then think how that time could be better spent on other areas of the business. Over 1 year it adds up to a substantial number.

  1. Less Waste

Of course, an obvious point to make is the reduced amount of waste. Fewer bin bags are needed, the bathroom bins may even need emptying just once a day simply because people are using hand dyers, which eliminates waste from paper towels. This is not to mention the fact that less paper is being used, which is always good for the environment – although most paper towels do come from recycled material these days (on a positive note).

How Can Change Help YOU?

Overall, using hand dryers may seem like a gimmick at first. However, if you are conscious of every operation that helps the day to day running of your business, then swap out the paper towels for hand dryers. It saves this guy’s business and staff time and money.

Now we all need to figure out ways we can save time and money and very often the obvious solutions glaring us in the fact are not actually that obvious. One way to discover new ideas that will help your work and personal life to be more efficient is read.

You don’t even have to read loads of books these days if you don’t want to. I like to use, which is perfect for reading the main points of a book without having to read the entire text. This is where I discovered a book called the 4 Hour Work Week (check it out).

That said, even though I did read the four work week, it wasn’t until the conversation about hand dryers came around before the meaning of ‘planning for a peaceful life” kicked in. Now I get it. Look for areas you can change in your life at work and at home. Always look to improve and become more efficient and your life not only go by slower so you can actually remember it, but you will also be happier and less stressed.

I hope you enjoyed the read and took something from this. I will endeavor to keep on posting more information about how to make things simple in your life be it in your business life or personal life.


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