Known amongst his peers as a prominent social media influencer managing a successful multi-tier marketing company, WULF, he is now a big player in the social media ecosystem. With accounts totaling more than 10 million followers, Jonathan Foley has not only used his large presence in the social media matrix to spread positivity and happiness, he has helped grow brands and companies while spreading his knowledge and mentoring young entrepreneurs looking to begin their career in respective industries. He began his journey by focusing on a niche market for inspirational and thought provoking content and soon branched out to spread his influence and pursue the goals he has set for his company. Growing up in a small town, Jonathan has always had a passion for connecting with people and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. Mental issues and the geopolitical climate have also been a concern and passion for him which pushed him into this career of connecting with people around the world to spread inspiration and positivity. After seven years of working long hours every day, Jonathan has positioned himself to reach the goals and aspirations he has set in place.

Working with many companies today growing brands, Jonathan looks to umbrella out into all aspects of entertainment and management. WULF and Jonathan look to managing artists and influencers while managing and consulting companies in multiple industries. Since he was young, he had a knack for creating something from nothing and with the inspiration of his family he started his first account with a business partner which soon grew into a platform with over 10 million followers. Day to day he strives and works for a goal that fulfills his ideals of success and makes him happy. Looking up to Steve Jobs growing up, he has obtained the same creativity and work ethic that created what Apple is today. Everyday Jonathan wakes up at 4 a.m. to post and reach out to the people he has connected through his platform, followed by multiple meetings with his partners, investors and clients. On a typical day he will spend 14-20 hours working to make sure he stays on path to reach his goals. By drawing inspiration from new experiences, immersing himself in different cultures, and world events, Jonathan maintains his work ethic and strive for greatness. Preaching to always have balance in your life, Jonathan believes with a strong work ethic and conscious effort to take care of, and to better yourself you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself.

Jonathan has 5 pieces of advice for his peers and pupils. These 5 being; Surround yourself with a strong and positive team, Reinvest most of your resources in yourself, Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, Read everyday about your passions and business, and always trust your instincts. Johnathan looks to continue to grow himself, his company, and continue to experience new things and spread positivity and happiness using his platform. If you are not already following any of his accounts we strongly urge you do for a daily boost of motivation and happiness.