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What inspired me to start my own company when I was 21?

I never thought being an entrepreneur until I found my passion in tourism & community.

When I was at university, I felt in LOVE with helping people when I did volunteering in the orphanage. I remember I cried a week after the first time seeing the abandoned kids. After that, I always reminded myself that my future career must be a job which I can help others such as working in an NGOs. Later, during my university I worked in tourism as my part-time & I feel love to talk with foreigners when I guided them. However, I found something missing in tourism is the community needs through tour operations & I wish it would be more female guides.

I came up with the idea ” I Love Hue Tour – Discovering Hue On Motorbike With Lady Bikers” in 2014. I did starting this idea from 100 USD because I could build the website on my own & doing marketing online. Motorbike is a culture of Vietnam & this is such a unique way to discover the city. Therefore I operated so many unique & local tours which the hope I can give back to the community & connecting with NGOs for more supports. Time by time, I see the values in what I do, I bring so many smiles to people around me. All of these inspire me to keep going & develop I Love Hue Tour becomes a company in 2016.

What is I Love Asia Tour?

I Love Asia Tour is a global company branding from I Love Hue Tour Journey.

In 2017, I Love Hue Tour decided to take another step by launching the business model to all over Vietnam. We wanted to connect Vietnam young female students together & keep giving the jobs to many people as much as we can. We made I Love Vietnam Tour – Vietnam Scooter Tours With Female Guides in 5 cities which are Hanoi, Hue, Danang, HoiAn & Saigon. We empowering over 100 female students in the region.

2018 was also a remarkable year for us to take the global step for making I Love Asia Tour – Asia Scooter Tours With Local Female Guides. We are glad to bring the business model to Luang Prabang, Laos.

The visions & missions are never changed in our Asia Female Company:

  • Empowering Young Women In Asia
  • Supporting Local Community Through Tour Operations
  • Developing UN Goals In Tourism Developments
  • Connecting Asia For Sustainable Tourism Developments

How business has changed me?

It has not been easy for a 25 years old girl who carry many responsibilities on her shoulder. Of course every entrepreneur knows how it feel to be a leader. However, I never regret to be an entrepreneur. The most important thing is it has changed me is to be positive no matter what the situations are.

All start by my LOVE for community & people who I am working closely everyday with. I alway want to be better everyday for the visions & missions which I Love Asia Tour believes so deeply. My team is always telling me ” Ms.Lien, please keep the visions – This keep me going strongly everyday”

What lessons I have learnt?

  • I have learned how to be humble
  • I have learned to do mediation & plan my routine to finish my works daily
  • I have learned to be strong & positive
  • I have learned to be kind to others no matter what
  • I have learned abt humanity in business
  • I have learned to be a great leader
I & Sheryl Sandberg had a great time in our meeting abt the women in business



  • Lotus

    CEO/ Founder at I Love Asia Tour

    I Love Asia Tour

    I just do what I love to do so I can wake up every morning with a powerful stage". Currently, I am the CEO & Founder of I Love Asia Tour which is a scooter tour company lead by local female students in Laos & Vietnam. This is the most inspiring company which I am so proud to be able to help many people in this world through tourism. Soon, we will be in Cambodia and Myanmar by 2019. * I Love Asia Tour visions are: - Empowering Local Female Students in Southeast Asia Through Tourism - Connecting Asia together for sustainable tourism development - Building UN Goals for Asia Tourism - Empowering local businesses through tour operations - Contributing and working with non-profits and NGOs in Asia