After the loss of my beloved 12-year-old daughter, Elianna I found the gift of writing.
My journey was painful but I was aware that writing was a healing factor to mend my broken heart. I desperately wanted to write a book. I had so many beautiful experiences to share from my daughter but I felt the uncertainty of going ahead.

In the beginning, I had so many mixed emotions. I had never written a book before and I was not sure I had the confidence to do this. Where would I start? How would it sound? How painful would it be for me to relive the past and feel all the heartache and loss once again? I was battling between the voice in my head and my inner voice and I was not sure which voice to listen to. My inner voice wanted me to write but the voice in my heart was reluctant.

My sister has been a blessing and very supportive after my daughter passed. She was there for me throughout my Grief and walked beside me every step of the way. We had many conversations about life and death and what it all meant. In time, she was able to reach a deeper part within me where I was able to awaken to my spirit. She told me I would find the answers within if I listen to my soul’s voice and not the voice in my head.

On that cold November day, back in 2013 I began to trust and tune into my soul. As the days and weeks went by the voice within me became stronger and the voice in my head slowly faded. It was then when I decided to write my story.

Since that day the words came flooding out, on paper. Everything seemed to flow including my own tears. Writing this book was the most important journey I had to take. A journey of grief but of lighthearted bittersweet moments too, and for me there was no turning back.


  • In 2011, after the sudden and tragic loss of Louise's daughter Elianna, Louise became driven to search for answers during her turbulent journey of grief. She became interested in spirituality, and so she began reading books on the subject of life and death. In 2014, she wrote her first book, Journey to the Rainbow, with her sister Mandy. Her sister played a vital role in her book, contributing some of the most magical poems and experiences Mandy had received from Elianna. Louise and her family also encountered dreams and signs. She thought this would be a comforting way to bring light to others as well as highlighting her journey of grief.  The book was later published in two National Hospice magazines and several local newspapers. Louise also made an appearance on the Morning  Blend, a Milwaukee based breakfast show. In 2015, she enrolled in The University of Metaphysical Sciences, California, to study Divinity while writing her second book, The Power of Eternal Love, which was published in June of 2017. In 2018, Louise received her M.Div. from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and also finished writing her third book, Dimensions of Transition. Louise has several articles published in Still Standing Magazine and Thrive Global. Life is more meaningful; she can carry on Elianna's name through her work, with her daughter's energy, which continually surroundher. She has dedicated the past seven years to perfect her knowledge in the field, helping herself and others, driven by the empowerment of love.