I have encountered people who are genuinely happy and those who aren’t. I have seen people put on facades in attempt to not give away the hell they are going through.

Sometimes it easy to see what the naked eye can witness but negate the underlying truth.

Life has taught me to not always see what/how a person is presenting themselves. It taught me look beyond that.

It has taught me to question people’s emotions and actions and the underlying reason for their surfacing.

You can put a smile on your face in an attempt to hide your unhappiness.

You can reject people out of the fear that they will eventually reject you if you don’t first.

You can pour out yourself to help others emotionally and become emotionally empty.

I always say life always surprises us. One minute things are “hunky-dorey-A-Okay”, and the next minute you find yourself overwhelmed by extreme anxiety.

One minute you are happy with your friends doing fun activities , the next minute you shut down emotionally.

To a degree society expects us to be well put together and always be strong.

Emotional expression is still perceived as an act of weakness among the society.

This serves injustice to many people who grow up to be afraid share their thoughts and emotions due to the fear of judgement and persecution.


Kindness never leads anyone astray. Open the atmosphere for people to be comfortable enough to express their current true thoughts and emotions.

Deviate from the bad historic practices and realise the importance of attention.

See beyond what you experience with/from others. Show your friends that you care and alway pay attention to their needs.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your love and support.

Originally published at medium.com