Nowadays we all are supremely active on social media. We have our best friends, family, close friends, casual friends, friends of friends and some strangers connected with us on our social media profile. We regularly post our pictures and videos to show how happening is our life. 

This was the very same regular day when she was scrolling her social media feed. Scrolling a few times, she came across her old friend’s profile with whom she was studying back in school days. It was quite a long time she didn’t have any conversation with him. All she knew now was his name that’s all.

She messaged him asking about his work and personal updates. She got to know that his best friend of school days has started his new venture owned by him wherein he is working hard as hell to make his firm best and helping his client at very low and cost-effective prices with best service in town. He started this venture because he didn’t get what he wanted from this market and so he wanted everyone to get it. Basically, he wanted to do good for society.

Knowing this she was proud deep inside of such amazing thoughts of him and even she started thinking differently – she wanted to make a little change in someone’s life rather than going through the posts on her wall. She wanted to contribute to the society now. But how? She wondered. 

As she got to know about him through this post, she got to know the power and pros of social media feeds. She had some thousands of followers of different sectors. Thus, she started posting the photos and contact info. of his friend’s venture expecting that she might directly help his friend and indirectly to this world.

She posted and what was the result. This worked, this actually worked. Many people from her followers’ list contacted his friend. Social media recommendations you know. Celebs take money for this & she did it for her friend.

A single post made huge difference. We always go through influencers and celebs account and do as they recommend and as a result their demand increases. What if we help our own friends and contact? They’ll grow and slowly and gradually you will grow too. 
Hope this makes sense to you guys. Help your friends. Influencers get money & you’ll earn respect.

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