My #social networking scrolling news was spoon-fed 

It took over my head 

Could I just stay in bed? 

A bottomless pit of #socialized rearing 

Where everyone else is doing the steering 

But then I realized 

Living behind this disguise 

This #society of devices 

Is our fix 

Our vices 

This prison is our poison 

Our feeds destroy 

And leave us with nothing

Depleting our substance 

With utter nonsense 

Totally exhausting 

It’s like constant accosting 

A #social nightmare 

A constant scare 

No thanks 

Walk away 

Update my status? 

I have nothing to say

No more #social today 



Except for….

This one true joy,

I find in the noise 

It’s in these pockets of spaces 

Where we can deploy 

Our words 

To ears unheard 

To be their voice 

Or our own 

Our choice 

To write for you 

To write for me 

To have our words land 

In a place to read 

In a place to see 

Wisdom in time 

Frolicking in rhyme 

This is the space where clarity unfolds 

Where our words unfold 

This is the place where healing remains 

Our lives are regained 

Amongst these poet’s heaps 

Of unlimited alphabets 

Lives love & faith, 

These poems? Are safe 

Even in cyber space 

For our truth comes out 

Naked on the page 

When we engage 

With our poetic rage 

And hope, and grief, and sad, and belief 

And I guess yes, for these reasons indeed

I’ll still consume some #social feed 


  • Jen Whitney

    CEO of Being Fierce

    Inspired and Inspire! Truth dweller of raw grit; exposed and naked on the page. Learning. Evolving. Emerging. What a ride! Co-parent to three. Director.  Poet. Writer. Space- Explorer. Transformed my life. Lost the mental weight, lost 60 pounds, created space, filled with self-love, now use the word impossible with caution. —— We are all worthy of self-respect and self-responsibility and we can prove it in our actions. Let's go get it!