Most people have ideas in their heads but fail to act upon them because they are too busy thinking of other things or are just lazy, says Georges Chahwan. This article outlines some thoughts and ideas for keeping oneself accountable and completing tasks. This is an effective strategy because it provides a specific method for finishing goals and reminds the reader that every accomplishment starts with action, not thought.

Daily reminders are helpful in keeping one focused on their goals (e.g., post-it notes, alarms on smartphones). It is equally important for readers to realize that even simple tasks–like making a grocery list–can be helpful if they are used as steps toward a larger goal. If the initial activity is too big and overwhelming, it will seem like an impossible task and not get completed.

Honing the “time management” skill is key in making time to accomplish tasks, adds Georges Chahwan. Time management strategies are effective because they involve dividing large projects into smaller parts, which makes them less intimidating and easier to get started on. Keep in mind that there’s no magic pill for having good ideas–one just needs to put their shoulder to the wheel and start accomplishing goals one at a time. By acting instead of over-analyzing everything that could go wrong, one can actually get things done without too much mental strain.