From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: Ronnessa Brown

We have many people in the world that always inspires us in some or the other way. In that one in million we have Ronne Brown too. She throughout her journey has not only inspired us but has also given some life changing tips to heed the life daringly inspite of unfavorable situation.
Ronnessa Brown was born on Jan 22 1984 at Washington DC. She was very young and a mother of 3 children’s when the actual journey of this entrepreneur has started. She has to face lots of struggle in her life before she runs her million-dollar company. Gone through many rejections because she was a mum of 3 Brown used to work as janitor to lead her family. But one who wills to stand strong in tough times, tough time no longer can stand in front of that courage. And the same happened with Ronnessa Brown she worked day and night, lastly her hard work paid off and now she a most successful author and an entrepreneur.
Ronnessa Brown has been an entrepreneur since 2009 and started her own makeup business after being fired from her job because of single mom. She used social media to market her business and make money. Her book From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram is one of the best seller on AMAZON. She aims to teach women how to properly brand themselves on social media and encourages them to spend more time doing what they love because she herself believed on this and created a 7 figure income doing so.
Credit : VR Media Company
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