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Journey of Ronnessa Brown
They say diamond shines only after handling immense pressure and such is the story of Ronnessa Brown. A passionate mentor, entrepreneurial magnate, life coach, author, leader, wife, mother, and someone who is all about uplifting women all around the world, Ronnessa was born and brought up in N.E. Washington, D.C.
Life back in the days
Before beginning her life as a successful author, Ronnessa went to the Dunbar High School for her basic education necessities. For her, life at the high school level was completely different from other students. She became a teen mom when she was 16 and had to work hard in order to ensure her graduation and achieve any potential goals. She grew up in a disturbing house scenario which today inspires her to make life better for women suffering from similar issues. Her father was dating a woman who used to be high on drugs for most of the time. But, soon enough, Ronnessa pushed away from that deteriorating environment and established a name for herself as a successful author.
Living in such dire circumstances pushed her towards success with ample motivation to back her up. For her, childhood days weren’t pitch perfect but she looked through the odds and made it as a successful author and motivator.
The Believer
Ronnessa has always been a believer of god and the Christ. Her motivation never came from fear, rather her strong belief in the maker of the universe. Instead of letting her situation bring her down, she chose to use that story as a motivational one for women who wanted to make the best of life.
From Janitor to popular author
Rather than complaining how her job wasn’t something she loved to do, Ronnessa decided to take matters into her own hands. She had her 2nd child when she was 19 and managing household became a chore that would at times drain her both emotionally and physically. She used to work as a janitor at the Georgetown Hospital. Her biggest motivator that helped her jump from the regular old “Salary Life” was her children.
For her, entrepreneurship wasn’t about the money, cars, or big house. It was about making life better for her kids. She started with “Amor Mona”, a brand dedicated to candles and cosmetics. This was when “Ronne B” was born as a phoenix from her own ashes, a dazzling entrepreneur.
Life Today
Brown, today, is a CEO of her very own fashion boutique with original idea named “Luxe for Brunch” and another brand “GirlCEO”. Apart from her entrepreneurial journey, she is the author of the book “From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram”. Over a term of 10 years, she has utilized the help of social media for spreading awareness with regards to her vision and brand.
Her journey has been featured in popular platforms such as FoX5, SHAPE, Your World, Success From Home, News 8 Channel, NBC, and many others.
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Author Ronnessa Brown