When the conscious and subconscious are aligned, life works out quite well. Should there be a discrepancy between what we consciously want and what we subconsciously believe we can have, however, there’s strife and frustration. All battles are within ourselves, though we tend to think it’s external people, places and things that create our conditions. Thus, it’s important to consciously give our subconscious mind directives that coincide with our wishes, for only what we believe can we achieve. 

For instance, say it’s 4am and you want a hot fudge sundae. If you believe, consciously or subconsciously, that no grocery store or place that serves ice cream is open (“it’s 4 in the morning!”) —then no sundae for you. But if you consider that someplace, somewhere there’s a grocery store or restaurant that’s open 24 hours, you’ll be licking whipped cream off your lips in no time. You can definitely have an ice cream sundae whenever you want. But if you don’t believe you can, you won’t. It’s the belief that you can have what you want that gets you what you want. 

You can determine your beliefs about anything by gauging how you feel, as whatever you feel is the result of a belief. If you’re feeling bad about something, it’s because you have a belief that’s creating a negative interpretation of your experience. (All circumstances are inherently neutral.) If something is bothering you, ask yourself, “What must I believe in order to feel this way?” For instance, say you ask someone out, they reject you and you feel sad. Since all circumstances are neutral, there’s lots of ways you could interpret the rejection (e.g., the other person has no taste, they have extremely low self-worth, higher powers were protecting you from harm, etc.). But the fact that you feel bad about the rejection, shows that you have a negative belief. Perhaps you believe you were rejected because you’re not good looking/rich/dynamic enough, and that’s what’s making you feel bad. Or maybe you believe that you’ll never find love, and that’s what’s saddening you. To feel better and find love (or whatever you want) you have to change the belief that’s causing you to assign negative meaning to the situation. In creating a belief that allows you to positively interpret the situation, you’ll feel better, thus creating the atmosphere for a better outcome in the future. To change a belief, follow this process:

1. Isolate the negative belief. Determine what you must believe in order to feel bad.

2. Surrender to the belief. All truths are true to those who believe them. Thus, every belief—on its own merit—is true. Say, for instance, the belief is that you’re not good enough. From the perspective of that belief, it’s true. Surrender to that belief. “You win, belief. From your perspective, I am not good enough and that’s 100% true.” In admitting defeat to the belief, you are no longer involved in the push-pull between what you believe and what you don’t want to believe. Since what you resist persists, in admitting defeat to the belief, you stop this push-pull pattern; you no longer resist it, so it no longer persists.

3. Instill a new belief. Having isolated and surrendered to the old belief, you’re free to consider a new one e.g., “I am good enough.” Since beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, keep thinking the belief. See it written in your brain. You can use affirmations to instill the new belief (e.g., “I am good enough”) or, even better, do “afformations.” Afformations are when you ask yourself a question (“Why am I good enough?”). In asking yourself a question, the subconscious acts like Google, searching for the answer. Sink into the question and allow it to process and percolate. Consider how you would feel with the new belief in place (e.g., amazing, confident, self-assured, high on life, unstoppable) and practice these feelings to get comfortable with them. Keep feeding the subconscious the new belief and your subconscious will say, “Well, I keep hearing it, so it must be true,” and it will adopt the new belief as dominant. It’s a matter of getting new “tapes” to play in your head. You’re not getting rid of the old belief—you’re just crowding it out with a dominant new one. You can just ignore any old beliefs and they’ll fade away.

4. Commit to action. Motion creates the self, so you must take action from the perspective of having the new belief. Ask yourself, “What would someone with this belief do?” Consider how they’d carry themselves, how they’d write an email, how they’d go after what they want etc. In taking action from the standpoint of the new belief, life changes around you. Even if the action you take doesn’t directly create the result you desire, it doesn’t matter: Action creates the self. You’re taking action to prove your belief to yourself and the universe, and to create the vibrational atmosphere for what you want to manifest. The universe will yield to you in the most compatible way your desire, you just have to believe. First you create your beliefs, and then your beliefs create you. Create the new belief, trust in the new belief, and act like you trust the new belief, taking action from your new awareness and perspective.