As the year is drawing to a close and on the day of a New moon, I’m reflective of everything that has taken place throughout 2020.

I know we have all experienced the year in different ways and faced personal challenges. I only hope that you have found the occasions to smile, perhaps even laugh and cherished those moments, as those are the moments to reflect on.


Homeschooling was hard; there’s no other word for it. There were tantrums, there were tears and utter defiance, but my children still love me! Amongst all this; laughter, joy and new experiences.

We danced and sang in the kitchen to The Greatest Showman, when we should have been doing maths. We planted sunflowers, watered them and watched them grow to over 6 feet; Science.

We watched Horrible Histories the movie when we should have been studying History. We got relatively fit through our daily walk around our home town and along the canal (my boys refused to do PE with Joe Wicks.)

Birthdays & Celebrations.

40th Birthday

Then came the lockdown birthdays, my 40th (did I tell you that Elvis called me?!), my youngest 9th and oldest 11th.

Like a lot of people, I was disappointed to have my birthday in lockdown, but it was probably the most memorable birthday yet. I mean, who else got a phone call from the King?!

May saw us celebrating as a Country VE Day. A perfect opportunity to teach History again. There were street parties across Britain and in our Close. It was a success, although it was tough not to hug my fabulous neighbours, especially after a few proseccos!

Schools out.

We were told the schools wouldn’t be returning, so we prepared for the summer ahead. This time, the summer holidays didn’t seem as daunting; after all, we’d already stayed at home for three months, what’s a few more?

Holiday in Lindos
Lindos, Rhodes, Greece 2020. Jody Woodbridge

As a family, we were unbelievably fortunate to be able to go on holiday in August.

After a short flight to Frankfurt, followed by a three-hour wait, then a three-hour flight to Rhodes and a one-hour taxi ride; we arrived in Lindos.

It was worth every hour and we felt safer there than we did back home.

A new term, another lockdown.

September came, and my boys finally returned to school, albeit a different setup, but at least they were being taught correctly.

Another short lockdown took us into December and the run-up to Christmas. As a country, it may not be the Christmas time we all had hoped and planned for, but we’ve made it to Christmas.

When you look back on the year, look for the happy moments, look through your images saved on your camera reel, or your social media photos and see all the great times you had.


I’m not a believer in New Year’s resolutions, but if you were to choose one, I would recommend practising gratitude.

Each day when you wake, spend a few minutes to think about what you’re grateful for. Things like; I am grateful for this day. I am grateful to have a warm house. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way.

Really think about what you have in your life. What it feels like to have this in your life. Being grateful is more than a thought; it’s a feeling. Once you have those in mind, write down three of them.

Do this every day and watch your mindset change, your outlook becomes positive, and in turn, you will attract positivity and spread positivity.

Be kind to yourself, kind to others, share love & light