The other day I decided to get ahead with my first post done and set about the task in earnest. After penning down “the best” topics for it, I took a deep breath, just stretched a little and decided to hit the ground running.

Well, this was sooner said than done. Not that I am not determined to nail my first post, but something did not convince me to get going.

I’ve just grown to a belief that being “the best” keeps you ahead in the game. So keeping up with the tradition, I grew up being extraordinarily fastidious, nailing those thick and colourful school projects, cycling back and forth to attend countless classes and used my superpowers to adorn my exams with fancy numbers.

For a parent, a child juggling routines and performing such stunts (which I would suggest performing at your own risk) were enough to designate their kids the “best” in the house. Undoubtedly, I enjoyed all those moments until I faced the bumpy rides of realities in my 20s.

I realised how living life was never about being the best, it’s about trying to grab it by horns with a constant fear of losing balance.

As I sit here soaking up the realities of this “bumpy” yet not so boring journey, I am strangely satisfied that I am bonding more with the process rather than the ultimate goal. Now it has become more about swinging by and greeting my new approaches, staying focused on my goal by giving them much needed twists and turns and hopping on a slow yet progressive ride.

Well, it feels good to admit that I did not try to make this post a “perfect” one but worked on it to make it a real one.

Because, it’s okay to be “ordinary”, and it’s amazing to have a mindset that chooses progress over perfection.

I am learning to embrace my slow progress.

So next time if you are wondering, “why am I not blooming like others are”, think about, “I don’t really care about others, all I know is I am blooming better than the person I was last year, and I am on my way to enjoy my destination.”

You know they say, “good things take time”, well, that’s actually true.