Banksy is an entity of mystery. Though the creator of Britain’s favorite artwork, nobody knows their age, gender or other demographic details.

But either they or someone channeling their aesthetic is a keen observer of modern life, as epitomized in this Tweet that quickly went viral:

It’s a scene of people collected at a guard rail, looking on at what could be a parade or maybe a movie premier. Could be U.S., U.K., or points beyond. All the young folks are snapping and gramming the action, while a peaceful little old lady, arms resting on the rail, just takes it in contentedly, a smile alighting on her face just below some cool-quirky pink glasses.

May we all channel this easy-going renegade the next time we’re at a concert or museum or gazing upon a sunset. After all, if you’re not on a phone while doing something, you’ll remember it better


  • DRAKE BAER is a deputy editor at Business Insider, where he leads a team of 20+ journalists in covering the shifting nature of organizations, wealth, and demographics in the United States. He has been a senior writer at New York Magazine, a contributing writer at Fast Company, and the director of content for a human resources consultancy. A speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival and other conferences, he circumnavigated the globe before turning 25. Perception is his second book.