Imagine you’re driving a car and you’re watching the speedometer to tell you how fast you are going. Could you now imagine this car as your vehicle of life? Let’s consider when pressing the gas or the brake these actions are a mirror image of your mindset and serve as a personal speedometer that measures your emotional well-being (or not), mental well-being (or not), and spiritual well-being (or not) as you drive your car of life. Imagine your thoughts as a measuring tool for how healthy you are from the inside out. 

As a Lifestyle Design Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I have spent years training to observe the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of individuals reflected back to me through the way they talk about themselves. I’ve discovered your thoughts reveal your well-being as they shed light on your perception of life. 

Today as you find yourself in a set of circumstances like never before, where tens of thousands of people around the globe have been forced to pause, go inside, and lockdown could it be possible that here lies an opportunity to slow down and examine your well-being by exploring the inner mechanics of your mind?

How many of you have thought these things in the last two weeks:

I am unhappy with my life. I am lonely. I am afraid. I am uncertain about my future. 

I believe your thoughts are a carbon copy of your life unfolding. Imagine what you think about, you bring about. 

The words “I am” are two of the most powerful words on Earth because what you put after them shapes your reality. When you say “I am afraid” you’re claiming a belief and certainty in what is. Beliefs are powerful because they create your experiences. For example, when one says “I am unhappy” how does one experience the world?  

So, what if this global virus is truly a virus of the mind?  A wake-up call to explore where in your life your thoughts have long been unwell and are impacting your overall well-being. As human beings I believe the greatest power we have at our disposal is the mind. Imagine when one transforms their thoughts, they can transform their life. 

Perhaps this virus is here to open you up to the quality of your thoughts and how they’ve been mapping out your life journey up until now. Did you know that how you handle challenges tells you a great deal about how well you embrace uncertainty? Could it be possible that what’s coming to the surface for you during this unprecedented time is a measuring tool for you to see yourself more clearly?

I believe you have the power to transform what you’re enduring right now into wisdom. When you lean inwards and explore the quality of your thoughts you can open your eyes up to the ways your thoughts create your reality. 

Or, as Pema Chrodon, an American Tibetian Buddhist, believes: “suffering has a great deal to teach us. If we use the opportunity when it arises, suffering will motivate us to look for answers.”

Take a moment and step back and ask yourself these questions…

How has this circumstance impacted my mindset? 

How healthy are my thoughts today? 

Could I benefit from shifting the way I am thinking right now? 

By exploring the relationship you have with your mind, you can gain powerful insight into the bigger challenges of your life. You can take note of where you’re not feeling empowered and learn about how healthy (or not) your perception of your life truly is. 

I believe your words are your wand and the conversations you have with yourself hold the power to shape your well-being (or not). Imagine: if your thoughts are things, then what you think, you create. Your mind is an internal speedometer measuring well-being mentally, physically, and spiritually as you drive down your road of life. So what is your speedometer telling you today about your journey? Are you driving a car to a destination you feel happy to arrive at?