A whole new world awaits within you.The heightened and intensified energies in our world these past few weeks have triggered ancestral miasms and memories to a degree in which I have never seen before in my almost twenty five years of practice. Cellular memories reaching out to me from those here and beyond the veil. Centuries old trauma reawakening in clients, with voices wanting to be heard, voices wanted to be held. voices wanting to be healed. In all honesty. the exhaustion I felt spiritually these past few weeks was like none other. I heard the same from clients, friends, family. The push/pull between realms, crossing dimensions, expanding and contracting boundary systems on every level of humanity, individually and collectively, internally and externally. Many have felt an internal roller coaster and not sure when the ride would end or how it even began. Boundary systems are changing as we move from one reality to the next. The healing of ancestral collective trauma is painful. Thoughts, memories, emotions from ancestors of old manipulated by years of repetitive trauma, misunderstanding, oppression, injustice. And when miasms become triggered so deeply, we begin to questions ourselves, I mean really question ourselves. But our voices are not just our own. They can’t be. They are our grandparents speaking through us, their grandparents speaking through them. They are trauma after trauma, memory after memory of wrongs needing to be held in the light. There is so much shifting in our DNA that it would be impossible to expect us to figure it all out now. There is too much confusion out there. Too much self doubt. Boundaries take time to reconfigure, to expand or contract effortlessly between the light and the darkness, above any beyond any will we might have exercised to a greater will we are awakening to. This reconfiguration is actually causing a lot of physical symptoms for people, especially in these last few weeks. The confusion coupled with rage keeps a boundary rigid when the boundary needs to be given permission to expand into the light of the unknown, into the light of possibility, into the light of forgiveness.┬áSo how can we forgive a wound? How can we forgive a trauma? How can we forgive a paradigm of confusion that has led humanity to think it is okay to hurt one another?
We begin slowly. We take each other by the hand as though each hand belonged to God. We take each memory and ask it to bless upon our hearts the forgiveness that we seek, the forgiveness we need to bestow. We ask those voices to pray with us, pray for us, and to allow us to pray for them. We bless each soul, one at a time, because we know that within each soul lies a myriad of souls, whose lives have weaved a tapestry of humanity that deserves the opportunity to know that the light can indeed, overcome the darkness.
A whole new world awaits within all of us.