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Right-Wing activist Candace Owens posted a 17-minute video sharing her opinion of George Floyd and his criminal past, tying Floyd’s rap sheet to the idea that Floyd should not be looked to as a hero. 

While you may agree or disagree, one this is for sure: it’s within her rights to voice such an opinion. 

A restaurant owner in Birmingham, Alabama, saw the video. He was moved enough by it to send a mass text to his staff about it. 

While the owner’s business was already reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown, the subsequent rioting and looting taking place all over America (also, apparently in Birmingham and affecting his business) was hurting the restaurant even more. 

One of the owner’s employees leaked the text on her Facebook page (of course), calling her boss “hateful.” 

Social (and traditional) media blew the story up, and many called for the boycott of the business. 

This is our current climate. 

It didn’t end there though: Candace Owens found out about the firestorm around the restaurant and started a GoFundMe campaign to support the restaurant owner.

The campaign raised $205,000 before GoFundMe suspended the campaign, and Owens’ account, for Terms Of Service Violations, specifically “hate, violence, discrimination, or intolerance.” 

Regardless of how you feel about Candace Owens, her George Floyd video, or where you stand regarding the racial discussions happening in the USA, GoFundMe seems to be doing the opposite of their own TOS: a critique of a person is not hate, nor is it intolerance. 

Would GoFundMe remove a campaign centered around condemning Robert E. Lee, Jim Crow, or the concept of slavery? 

You know the answer. 

If you don’t, here it is: NO. 


I’ve heard that NFL players plan to kneel during the national anthem in the 2020 season. 

Sure — now that the heat is off, the commissioner has basically given them the green light, and it’s unlikely anyone will lose their career over it as Colin Kaepernick did in 2016. 

Kap first kneeled four seasons ago. In 2019, barely anyone kneeled. Now, many are saying the kneeling gesture is to express that “Kap was right.” 

Where have these guys been for the last 4 years??? 

Afraid of having what happened to Kap happen to them. 


People have been protesting for “change” ever since Floyd’s death on Memorial Day 2020. 

What changes, specifically? 

What’s the plan?

What is the strategy? 

Who’s in charge? 

Anyone whom I’ve asked these questions has no answers— which is not to say that no one does. Some have even seemed to be annoyed with me for asking. 

Listen, I’m all for action — but I need to know where it’s going and who’s accountable for what. 


Speaking of Kap, his kneel was a peaceful protest, his way of expressing his First Amendment rights. 

His choice. Everyone is allowed to speak their minds. 

…Or are they? 

There’s a soccer player who got fired from his playing contract because of what his WIFE said on social media. 

I’ve watched lots of White corporate CEOs and prominent influencers scramble to say the right things in support of people of color out of fear of being “cancelled” otherwise. 

Is this freedom of speech — or freedom of the RIGHT speech? 

You know the answer. 


I remember when Donald Trump won the election in 2016, and the common call of the Left/“woke” that Fall was “Resistance.”

Whatever Trump stands for, we stand for the opposite. 

When he attacks people with insults, we remain dignified. 

He’s “not my President.”

Be better than him! 

When Trump goes low, we go high. 

At the time of this writing, it’s been nearly four years since. Seems those same Resistors are now using the tactics that they despised four years ago.

What happened? 


Human beings are hypocritical. This is true. 

We change our minds and principles to fit the current narrative in our minds. The very things we opposed last year, we accept and even promote this year — because it serves us now, while it didn’t back then. 

We support freedom of speech and create rules that say we do not accept any form of intolerance — then we become very intolerant of someone who has a different opinion from us. 

Some people like to say that LeBron James is above Michael Jordan because of LeBron’s willingness to speak out


What if LeBron was just as outspoken — but a Trump supporter… would he still be great for speaking out? 

The actions didn’t change, after all — just imagine LeBron speaking out just as much, only with a different opinion. 

You tell me?! We both know the answer. 


You can’t get mad at all of the hypocrites. Too many to point out, and not enough time to spell out their crimes.

Don’t waste energy on it. It’s not ending. 

Just notice the game being played, note who’s doing what, arm yourself accordingly, and don’t be surprised when the rules change on you. 

Everyone’s flexible when it comes to self-interest

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