You can have it all and there is no need to compromise at all! It just takes a few simple ways to achieve it. You can not just think it, you have to set yourself up to achieve it and believe in your ability to have it all.

With these quick actionable tips I am going to share with you I was able to be a mum to my two beautiful daughters and also become a Nureo-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer, coach trainer, hypnosis trainer and be regularly mentioned in BBC, Cosmopolitan, Women’s health as an expert in mindset, mental health and stepping in to your potential to be the best possible version of you.

Here are my quick actionable tips to make it possible for you to have it all.

1.Get Intentional on what it ‘it all’ actually is.

What do you actually want to achieve, what does having it all mean for you? You need to be really clear on what it is you want before you can go for it. Do you want to be the top of your field, or do you want to have a certain level of income every month? Be as specific as possible as this will help you

2.Get intentional on how you want to feel.

How do you want to actually feel every day, how do you want to show up every day? Think about what it is you want to feel once you have achieved whatever ‘it’ is, and focus on that. Think beyond wanting to feel successful or happy, and dig deep into how having it all will truly make you feel.

3.Journal as if you have already achieved those things.

For me this is a massive, massive part of my life that has allowed me to step in my potential, and something I truly believe in. Journaling as if you have achieved ‘it all’ and feeling the way you want to feel helps you close that gap between where you are now and where you want to be faster.

The biggest reason why getting intentional and journaling helps is because we all have a big cluster of neural-pathways in the front of our mind, imagine it like a big door. This door opens when we get intentional and start imagining ourselves as we have achieved our goals. The opening of this door allows us to notice opportunities we may not have previously seen, and therefore take advantage of them to have it all far faster.

Bonus tip – Visualise your success!

On top of journaling as if you have already achieved ‘it’, you need to visualise that you have achieved them as well. In your mind’s eye imagine you have it all, have everything you want and have it now. This helps you step in further to having what you want now and see opportunities to action that can help you close that gap.

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