So often we want to convince each other of our truth.

The truth is…

We are only willing to hear what we are willing to accept.

We waste so much time and energy trying to convince other people of something when they are simply not ready to hear it.

This overuse of convincing energy lowers our own vibration and frequency. As a result, we may find ourselves in a cranky mood and with a lowered immune system. 

In this world, there is so much polarity right now on so many subjects. 

Just as I addressed inĀ What Does your Favorite ice cream flavor say about you, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

Someone else should not have to have the same opinion as you to make you happy.

You may love chocolate ice cream and they may love strawberry.

Their favorite choice of ice cream can’t be wrong,,,,it’s their favorite choice.

Are you any less happy with your chocolate ice cream because they are eating strawberry ice cream? 

The same is true about every other topic. 

If you answered no to the above question on being unhappy about someone else eating a different flavor, why is it any different on any other topic? 

It’s their opinion. 

What do you do with that opinion?

Do you fight it and convince them your opinion is the only way or do you listen to their thoughts?

Do you pause to take in this person and recognize their value too? 

We all want to feel heard.

We all want to feel seen.

The secret here though is that we need to hear and see ourselves first. 

Those who are arguing the most tend to be those who need to feel heard the most because they aren’t listening to themselves. 

No one will actually hear each other unless they are on the same energetic frequency.

Just as you must program your radio station to a certain frequency to listen to that station, you must be on the same frequency to connect with someone on a deep and powerful level. 

They can only hear you when you’re on the same frequency. 

It’s OK if they are not ready to hear what you want to share.

We are only willing to hear what we are willing to accept. We accept things that resonate with us and our energetic signature. 

We all have our own truth because we each vibrate at a different frequency based on our history, our education and ultimately our own innate wisdom. 

Have you ever experienced a friendship where you felt so close and then one day, you no longer felt that you two understood each other anymore? 

The friendship that once fed you now drains you?

Perhaps you once appreciated the opinion of someone who now frustrates you. 

The answer here is simple. Each of your frequencies have shifted.

There is nothing personal here.  It is simply an energetic shift. You are no longer both dialed into the same frequency. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t return to the same frequency in the future but, for now, you are not vibrating at the same level. 

As we begin to come out of our pandemic hibernation, you may find that friendships that once made sense, no longer fill you the way they once did. 

We have all changed this year. 

Conversely, some relationships may feel even more connected and fulfilling. 

As you perceive this experience as a simple shift of your radio station, you will find that you no longer take these shifts personal and you no longer spend unnecessary energy trying to convince people of your position. 

We can live in a place of acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance…beginning with ourselves first. 

We are all connected. 

Want to change someone’s opinion or change a situation or the world? Begin with shifting your energy. 

Join me for today’s meditation,

An acceptance meditation through the chakras,

When you find yourself trying to convince someone of your opinion or someone is trying to convince you of theirs, drop into this meditation to reach a place of peace and acceptance that will allow this natural transition and help you regain your strength and Divinely guided perspective as you feel balanced, seen, heard and loved.