Have you ever thanked someone for helping you, feeling so much gratitude that they were there when you needed them? What if you thanked yourself in those moments, too? Think about it. Had you not been vulnerable enough to ask for help, leaned into support from another, or shared your story so openly, you would have never given yourself the opportunity to be helped. You would have missed an opportunity to feel relief, progress, growth, or connection. That’s worth celebrating.

As a coach for women in business, at the end of our sessions they are always so thankful for the time we spent together. We celebrate their clarity, and the progress they’ve made towards what they want. Little do they know, the time we spend together fed me just as much them. When a woman creates space for herself, and invests in who she is becoming, that was a step SHE took. Sure, I was there to take the call, to provide the service, and to facilitate a conversation that stimulated her. But the real work? That was HER. Had she not vulnerably asked for help, leaned into support from another, or shared her story so openly, she would have missed the opportunity to experience meaningful progress towards what she wants for herself. Worth the time? Absolutely.

In my coaching sessions, I am always so inspired by the women I get to watch so powerfully connect back to themselves. The gratitude I feel when I see her realize all that is in her control, to own her dreams, to make peace with her past, to celebrate her wins big and small, is why I do what I do. These women aren’t afraid to break their walls down, to experience discomfort in the face of wanting something more for themselves, and to truly recognize that they are worth the investment. When another woman realizes that what she wants for herself is worth the work, when she accepts that she herself is worth investing in, she stands up for all women and is an example for all of us.

This past few months, I’ve opened up more on social about how I am experiencing this season. There have been times I’ve questioned hitting post, and there are times I worry what people will think. My intent in sharing has always been to connect, relate, and to accept help from women that are experiencing life both similarly and different. Every single time, I hear from someone after I’ve shared, and feel thankful. I’m thankful to them for the support, engagement, and encouragement. I’m thankful to me for vulnerably leaning in to what I need from my community and accepting an opportunity to relate during this challenging time. Worth the risk? You bet.

In our friendships, how often do we hear, “how can I help?” How often do you take someone up on their offer? Now more than ever, we need each other. Lean into the support around you, and allow someone to help you. In these difficult times, helping you might actually help them.