What is your ultimate goal in life? Do you want more than what you have? Are you living a fulfilled life or are you dealing with impostor syndrome? When society perceives you in a certain way, especially as a man, you tend to keep up the fallacy by living a lie.

On the other hand, when you focus so much on one aspect of your life, the others dwindle. Take parenthood and career for example: when you channel a lot of energy to the business, you barely have any left to actively be in your children’s lives.

Cody Jefferson is a father and the founder of Embrace The Lion. The foundation has a Lion: Elite group with over 4100 kingdom-minded men who want to live a legacy in life and business. The super coach guides them on how to achieve fulfillment and life balance because none can thrive without the other.

The Guilt of Wanting More

While you might be having a lot in another person’s eyes, it might not be enough for you. When you live a privileged life, the urge to want more can make you feel guilty of ungratefulness. The feeling is worse if you are surrounded by people who do not understand.

Back when Cody was in ministry, he felt he wanted more. He wanted to do more, to be more. However, as a man in ministry, society saw as if he already had enough. As a result, he ended up being dishonest about what he wanted. 

The façade was a burden to him, and finally, he let himself free. After 13 years serving as a pastor, quitting and becoming a nationally recognized speaker and entrepreneur within 24 months was not simple. All the same, he got past the guilty and did it anyway.

Finding the Balance

Do you have a robust life balance between your personal life and business? While it might sound easy, it is quite a challenge to many, that is where Cody Jefferson comes in. Through his proven frameworks and systems, he coaches every man in the Embrace The Lion community to find the balance.

The divorcee and father of one advocate for healthy co-parenting, and teach fathers to be dads. At the same time, he makes them understand it is okay to want more and takes steps towards achieving it.

Reach Your Goal

Until you reach your goal, you can’t achieve fulfillment in life. A fulfilling life has to be in alignment with your authentic self, and towards the right path to the mission, you were meant to do on earth. Cody helps kingdom-minded men become a healthier and better version of themselves.

An essential part of reaching your goal involves the people around you. It is the reason Cody brought the group of like-minded men together to raise each other and step up into their destinies.


If you feel there is more to life than what you currently have, achieve fulfillment and life balance with Cody Jefferson. Through Lion: Elite, you are guaranteed as a kingdom-minded man to reach your goal and live a worthy life.